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Webinar: Mediation Advocacy: Learn Winning Techniques from the Masters

Most attorneys are now familiar with the mediation process. Yet many litigation attorneys, who will spend hours preparing for deposition or trial, think all that is needed for effective mediation advocacy is a good night’s sleep. Join experienced mediators Hon. Daniel H. Weinstein (Ret.) and Bruce Edwards, Esq to learn the skills necessary to more effectively advocate your client’s position in mediation while learning proven communication and negotiation techniques for a winning outcome.


Webinar: Navigating Posttrial Motions and the Path to Appeal

This program covers civil posttrial motions in state court, including the distinctions between them and how to avoid procedural traps; which posttrial orders are appealable and the standards of review; and notice of appeal considerations and timing.

International Law and Immigration | Litigation

Webinar: Accelerating Change From our Blind Spots in International Dispute Resolution

Where are our blind spots when it comes to culture and diversity in international dispute resolution? Arbitration and mediation are processes premised on their constituencies agreeing to resolve future or existing disputes with the assistance of an independent neutral or group of neutrals. In arbitration, we rely on the arbitrator to fairly decide the merits; in mediation, we rely on the mediator to facilitate a sound settlement. A key component in these arrangements is an inherent trust in not only the decision-making systems and rules but also the independent character of all the individuals involved in the dispute resolution process.

Business Law | Litigation

Webinar: Litigating Alter Ego Claims

The Hon. Elizabeth Feffer and Everett L. Green will discuss the alter ego doctrine and the appropriate and inappropriate uses of the doctrine, pleading requirements, and strategies to minimize the risk of alter ego liability.

Business Law | Litigation

Webinar: Managing Professionals Professionally: A Guide for Lawyers

This program will explore the ethical responsibilities of attorneys working in a law firm. Topics include; properly maintaining a system to run conflict checks; the types of things to check for; imputation of conflicts of interest; effective ethical screens; use of contract lawyers; multijurisdictional practices; lawyers performing non-legal functions; and supervision.


Webinar: Take Control of Your Practice: Take Control of Your Life

Practicing law can be stressful, stress that can negatively permeate every aspect of your life, including your physical and mental health. This program offers practices such as journaling and time and substance management to make sure you are driving your practice rather than it driving you.

Business Law | Litigation

Webinar: Efficient Trial Presentation Strategies for Data-Rich Cases

This seminar will focus around a case study of a complex accounting dispute in which a voluminous amount of documents required extensive discovery and review for the important content. The session will next focus on suggestions for organizing the relevant documents for a concise and understandable presentation at a trial.


Webinar: Standards of Review and Prejudice: How to Win with Them

It is essential to properly argue the standard of review and the standard of prejudice to be successful in the Court of Appeal. While appellate attorneys are generally aware of this, there are common mistakes made by even seasoned attorneys. Attendees of this program will receive a primer discussing the relevant case law and will learn valuable tips for maximizing their chances of winning in the appellate courts.

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