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Upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, one decision at a time.

Guiding the legal profession towards ethical excellence

The Ethics Committee is dedicated to upholding the standards of ethics and professionalism in the legal profession. As a valuable resource to the entire community, the committee provides feedback and comments on proposed opinions, rules and legislation that impact attorney ethics and professionalism. The committee also writes advisory opinions on ethical issues where guidance is needed and develops educational content to educate the entire profession on ethics issues.

The Ethics Committee works closely with both internal and external ethics groups, including COPRAC and county bar associations, to ensure the highest standards of ethical behavior are upheld within the legal community. By acting as a resource to sections that provide practice area-specific ethics content, the Ethics Committee is committed to promoting ethical conduct and professional responsibility in all aspects of the legal profession.

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Upcoming Events

Past Events (90 Days)

California Lawyers Association

Webinar: The Ethics Issues with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is in the process of becoming integrated with the practice of law. Lawyers need to understand what the program is all about, how it could be harmful, and how we can benefit from it. In this one hour program, Stuart Teicher, Esq. explains just that.

California Lawyers Association

Webinar: Vegas, Baby: Ethics Lessons from Sin City

If you ask Stuart Teicher (The CLE Performer) where is his favorite place on earth, he’s going to say: VEGAS, BABY. Everything about Las Vegas fascinates him—the crowds, the casinos, the history, and its States’ ethics rules.  You’re not gambling on a bad program here -- the CLE Performer will integrate talk of Las Vegas and the California ethics rules in a way that will make you come out a winner!

2022-23 Committee Members

We are grateful for the tireless work and dedication of our committee members in the Ethics Committee. Their contributions in providing feedback and comments on proposed opinions, rules and legislation, writing advisory opinions on ethical issues, developing educational content, and working closely with internal and external ethics groups, have helped to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the legal profession. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to promoting ethical conduct and professional responsibility.

Alison Buchanan, Chair
Suzanne Burke Spencer, Vice Chair
David Samani, Secretary
Merri Baldwin
Elizabeth Bradley
Carole Buckner
Mallory Chase
Rachelle Cohen
Andrew Dilworth

Scott Garner
Karen Goodman
David Majchrzak
Dianne Jackson McLean
Kevin Mohr
Ashod Mooradjan
Toby Rothschild
Neil Wertlieb

For information on applying to join the Ethics Committee next year or to suggest topics for advisory opinions, contact us at

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