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Pro Bono clients are like any other clients in many ways. But some Pro Bono clients present ethical issues for attorneys that often differ from those presented by fee-paying or contingent fee clients Read more
ABA Model Rule 1.2 and the California Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.2, as well as various court rules, permit a lawyer to limit the scope of representation when reasonable under the circumstances, yet many lawyers do not take advantage of this opportunity to provide limited scope and unbundled legal services. Read more
1 Hour MCLE; 1 Legal Ethics Lawyers make all kinds of mistakes when billing and dealing with client funds. Sometimes they are accidentally, other times more nefarious. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he explores these concerns. Rules 1.5, 8.4, and 1.15 will be discussed. Register Here Stuart I. Teicher, Esq. is a professional legal educator who focuses  on ethics law and writing instruction. A practicing attorney for over  two decades, Stuart’s career is now dedicated to helping… Read more
We were told at any early age not to talk to or to trust strangers (or to accept candy from, or get into a car with them). We might be tempted to assume that any person so schooled would have, as an adult, extended that lesson to include unfamiliar lawyers. If so, a person not represented by a lawyer should be counted on neither to trust nor to seek guidance from an unfamiliar lawyer or one representing an opposing party – a kind of Caveat Emptor (or caveat advocatus). Read more
What are the best practices for maintaining positive and productive client relations? A successful lawyer works with the client to establish client objectives, and anticipates, minimizes and de-escalates common client concerns and complaints. Effective lawyers keep their clients informed as to their ongoing matters, including external and internal communications, so that clients understand what their lawyers are doing, what their lawyers cannot do, when their lawyers are going to respond, and how much the engagement will cost, while avoiding typical pitfalls that can create misunderstanding and derail the attorney-client relationship. Read more
The Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions seeks comments by November 17, 2021 on draft formal opinion advising judges on ethical considerations when providing feedback to attorneys on their courtroom performance. For a PDF version, click here. California Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions350 McAllister Street, San Francisco, California INVITATION TO COMMENT[CJEO Draft Formal Opinion 2021-018] TitleCommittee on Judicial Ethics OpinionsDraft Formal Opinion 2021-018;Providing Feedback on Attorney CourtroomPerformanceAction RequestedReview and submit comments byNovember 17, 2021Proposed Date of… Read more
Among its lesser legacies, the 1970s Watergate scandal left a naming convention by which every purported political scandal must go through an early stage where the suffix “-gate” is affixed to it, until cooler heads prevail and rechristen it. (E.g., “Irangate” of the mid-1980s begat the “Iran-Contra Affair,” which in turn edged out an early favorite, “Iranamok.”) Watergate, however, did have an influential and lasting effect on legal education. With many players in the Watergate cast having been lawyers sworn to uphold the law, the American Bar Association, as the accrediting agency for law schools, made Professional Responsibility a required course for law students. Consequently, any lawyer admitted to practice over the last several decades will have taken such a course. Read more
Civil trial lawyers are approached frequently by other lawyers about associating in on cases that are about to be tried. Typically, the lawyer soliciting assistance either needs the trial lawyer’s courtroom knowledge or support staff capacity. Co-lawyering on cases can provide benefits for the clients and the lawyers by combining the lawyers’ expertise to achieve a common goal—a good result for the client. Read more
The upheaval in 2020 has been profound. Whether it’s remote communication, new technologies, or supervision issues, there are both practical and ethical implications for all lawyers. Join the CLE Performer Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he explores the danger zones...and presents it with “New Jersey Flair.” Read more
How often do we receive a call from a prospective client, only to learn that we cannot accept the representation because we have a conflict of interest? In some cases, the prospective representation may be for a longstanding client, but a conflict of interest involving another client nonetheless may preclude us from taking on the new matter. In that circumstance, our instinct is to want to do something for the client or prospective client. Read more

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