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The 2021 Summer Cannabis Law Series

Join us for three days of a wide range of cannabis related topics, starting July 1.

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annual meeting, September 23-25, only $190

Real Property Law

Webinar Replay: AB 5 & Independent Contractors – What You Need to Know

AB 5 (effective January 1, 2020) imposes substantial changes on independent contractor relationships. This session will explore how AB 5 changed the landscape for independent contractors and businesses, potential liabilities arising from the law, and risk mitigation going forward.

Real Property Law

Webinar: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Termination of California Construction Contracts

“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Termination of California Construction Contracts” will discuss all of the major issues that owners and contractors face regarding contract terminations on California construction contracts. The agenda will cover 1) Drafting and negotiating contract termination provisions; 2) Deciding if, how and when to terminate during performance; and 3) The mechanics, considerations and consequences of termination.

Real Property Law

Webinar Replay: Conquering Chronic Disease & Preexisting Conditions in the Age of Covid-19; How Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Disease

My interest and motivation: Chronic disease devastated my family – My mother and her father died of a stroke in their 40’s! – My father: kidney and prostate cancer, on dialysis & miserable for the last 10 - 15 years of his life – My grandfather on my dad’s side had heart disease and diabetes; his physician recommended a leg be removed.

Public Law | Real Property Law


Don’t be the test case in this evolving area of law! Learn about current litigation and pending legislation impacting the licensing and regulatory agencies, such as the distinctions between Hemp and Cannabis products, “delivery” across local jurisdictional boundaries, the interaction between state regulations and local ordinances, enhanced civil penalties for unlicensed or under licensed activities, and much more.

Real Property Law

Webinar Replay: The Changing and Challenging World of Retail Leasing: The Doctor is in: Leasing to Medical Related Uses

Shopping center developers, owners and investors are increasingly diversifying the tenant mix of their properties to include medical-related uses. This seminar will focus on what is driving such changes as well as what obstacles and/or issues are presented by such uses, including implications of existing reciprocal easement agreements, use restrictions, land use constraints, lender controls and regulatory requirements.

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