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Cannabis Practitioners Group Mission Statement

The Cannabis Practitioners Group (CPG) of the California Lawyers Association is a CLA-wide group of voluntary attorneys who currently – or would like to – practice law in service of the cannabis industry and movement in California. The mission of the CPG is to:

  • Provide legal education on cannabis law issues to California lawyers who are not already practicing in this area.
  • Develop networking opportunities among current cannabis law practitioners and other attorneys and professionals whose work may cross-over with cannabis law issues.
  • Support California law students and newer attorneys who are interested in practicing law within the cannabis industry and movement in California.
  • Articulate policy positions of California lawyers on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the cannabis industry and movement.

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California Legislation

California Legislation 2024

The 2024 California Legislative Session convened on January 3, 2024, and it will adjourn on August 31, 2024. 

Upcoming bicameral legislative deadlines: June 15, 2024 to pass budget legislation and August 31, 2024 to pass other bills before adjournment.

AB 3054
To add DCC directors to the list of individuals prohibited from receiving any commission or profit whatsoever, directly or indirectly, from any person applying for or receiving any license or permit.05/29/24
Referred to Com. on B., P. & E. D.
SB 1511
(Committee on Health)
To authorize a general acute care hospital to allow terminally ill patients to use medicinal cannabis.06/12/24
June 18 set for first hearing canceled at the request of author.
SB 1059
To prohibit a city or county from including in the definition of gross receipts, for purposes of any local tax or fee on a licensed cannabis retailer, the amount of any cannabis excise tax imposed under the Cannabis Tax Law or any sales and use taxes.06/03/24
Referred to Coms. on REV. & TAX. and B. & P.
SB 1064
To consolidate licensing for commercial cannabis activities, other than cultivation and laboratory testing, under one “operator license” type.06/03/24
Referred to Com. on B. & P.
SB 1264
To exempt law enforcement personnel from employee nondiscrimination protections for off-site, off-duty cannabis use enacted under AB 2188 (2022).06/03/24
Referred to Coms. on L. & E. and JUD.
SB 1109
To address collection of demographic information of licensees and applicants for licensure.06/11/24
From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on JUD. (Ayes 17. Noes 0.) (June 11). Re-referred to Com. on JUD.
AB 2555 
To renews tax-free cannabis compassion programs for indigent patients, which were put into place with SB 34 (Wiener, 2019) and set to expire next year.06/05/24
Referred to Com. on REV. & TAX.
AB 2136
To curb overdose deaths by providing essential protections for drug checking program providers and encourage more jurisdictions to offer checking services.06/05/24
Referred to Coms. on PUB S. and JUD.
AB 2643
To require a study to create a framework for cannabis site restoration projects funded by the Cannabis Restoration Grant Program and to complete the study by January 1, 2027, and to establish a Cannabis-Impacted Lands Restoration Fund, maintained by penalties assessed for violations of environmental laws associated with illicit cannabis cultivation and production.06/06/24
From committee chair, with author’s amendments: Amend, and re-refer to committee. Read second time, amended, and re-referred to Com. on N.R. & W.
SB 820
To authorize the DCC or any local jurisdiction to seize specified property where commercial cannabis activity is conducted without a license required by MAUCRSA. 06/11/24
From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on PUB. S. (Ayes 17. Noes 0.) (June 11). Re-referred to Com. on PUB. S.
AB 1775
To allow microbusiness/retailer to prepare or sell noncannabis food or beverage products, sell prepackaged, noncannabis-infused, nonalcoholic food and beverages, and tickets for live musical or other performances, all in consumption areas on premises.06/11/24
Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
AB 2540
To grant the DCC the sole authority to transfer, assign, or reassign cannabis licenses.05/16/24
In committee: Held under submission.
AB 2296
To add a sentencing enhancement for illegally manufacturing concentrated cannabis if it occurs in a structure where a child under 16 years of age is present or causes a child under 16 years of age to suffer great bodily injury.04/23/24
In committee: Hearing postponed by committee.
AB 2841
To authorize the Research Advisory Panel to hold closed sessions for the purpose of discussing, reviewing, and approving research projects that require the sharing of trade secrets, potential intellectual property, or proprietary information in its possession, the public disclosure of which is prohibited by law.06/13/24
Read second time and amended. Ordered to consent calendar.
AB 491
To authorize a local agency to establish, by ordinance, a procedure to collect administrative fines or penalties by lien upon the parcel of land on which the violation occurred.06/03/24
Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Com. on JUD.
AB 2850 
To change existing law in Health & Safety Code Section 11358 regarding felony charges for exceeding 6-plant rule.04/23/24
In committee: Hearing postponed by committee.
AB 2888
To require licensees to pay for goods and services sold or transferred by another licensee no later than 15 days following the final date set forth in the invoice. 05/16/24
In committee: Held under submission.
AB 2223
(Aguiar Curry)
To provide a path to integrate industrial hemp into the federal and state legal hemp and state legal cannabis supply chains. The bill aims to eliminate access to intoxicating hemp products.05/29/24
Referred to Coms. on B., P. & E. D. and HEALTH.
SB 1503
To determine the number of employees for labor peace agreement requirement; to add requirements for cannabis business to: obtain workers compensation, inform the DCC regarding employees, apply Dynamex law to their workers, and provide statements of wages. 02/29/24
Referred to Coms. on B., P. & E. D. and L., P.E. & R.
AB 3165
To make a non-substantive change to existing law not superseding or limiting the authority of a local jurisdiction to adopt and enforce local ordinances to regulate commercial cannabis businesses within that local jurisdiction.02/17/24
From printer. May be heard in committee March 18.
AB 1812
Assembly Budget Act of 2024.01/16/24
Referred to Com. on BUDGET.
SB 917
Senate Budget Act of 2024.01/10/24
To print. Introduced. Read first time. Referred to Com. on B. & F.R.
AB 1610
To ensure products are accurately labeled, and provide greater transparency in product testing.07/06/23
In committee: Set, second hearing. Hearing canceled at the request of author.
SB 1498
To authorize Attorney General and local district attorneys and county counsel to bring a civil action to redress a violation of advertising and marketing restrictions.06/03/24
Referred to Coms. on B. & P. and JUD.

California Regulations

California RegulatorRegulations & Guidance
Department of Cannabis ControlCommercial Cannabis Regulations (Mar. 2024)
Disciplinary Guidelines (Jul. 2022)
Department of Food and AgricultureOCal Regulations (Jul. 2021)
Industrial Hemp Law & Regulations (Jun. 2023)
Cannabis Appellations Program (Jan. 2022)
Department of Fish and WildlifeCannabis Program
Department of Pesticide RegulationCannabis and Hemp Guidance
State Water Resources Control BoardCannabis Cultivation Program
Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationTax Guide for Cannabis Businesses
Cannabis Control Appeals PanelLaws and Regulations

California Case Law

California Court of Appeal, 1st DistrictApex Solutions v. Falls Lake Insurance Management Co., Inc. (Apr. 16, 2024)
United States Court of Appeals, 9th CircuitPeridot Tree, Inc. v. City of Sacramento (Mar. 4, 2024)
United States Bankruptcy Court, C.D. Cal. In re The Hacienda Company, LLC (Sep. 20, 2023)
California Court of Appeal, 4th DistrictHNHPC v. DCC (Aug. 2, 2023)
California Court of Appeal, 2nd DistrictLucas v. City of Pomona (Jun. 13, 2023)
United States Court of Appeals, 9th CircuitShulman v. Kaplan (Jan. 18, 2023)

California Ethics Opinions

Bar AssociationEthics Opinion
State Bar of CaliforniaCommittee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct Opinion (May 2020)
Los Angeles County Bar AssociationProfessional Responsibility and Ethics Committee Opinion (Aug. 2015)
Bar Association of San FranciscoEthics Committee Opinion (Jun. 2015)

Webinars and Other Resources

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