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Pro Bono clients are like any other clients in many ways. However, some Pro Bono clients present ethical issues for attorneys that often differ from those presented by fee-paying or contingent fee clients. Lawyers sometimes face difficult questions about defining who the client is, communication with clients, clients with diminished capacity, conflicts with fee-paying clients, and many others. Representation of nonprofit organizations also can present difficult ethical issues not faced with most for-profit organizations. Read more
The California Supreme Court recently ordered the approval of new Rule of Professional Conduct 8.3 (Reporting Professional Misconduct), sometimes referred to (perhaps derogatorily) as the “snitch rule,” which went into effect on August 1, 2023. In addition, the California Legislature recently passed, and Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law, state Senate Bill No. 40 (the annual State Bar licensing fee bill), which (among other things) added new Section 6090.8 to the California Business and Professions Code, effective January 1, 2024. Read more
This program will examine the intersection between ethics and diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal industry.  Topics will include leveraging diversity to maximize the benefits of diversity of thought and experience in providing legal services, under-representation as systemic inequality in traditional law firm/organizational culture, the importance of meaningful diversity initiatives vs. cosmetic change.  The prohibition of discrimination, harassment and retaliation and the lawyer’s duties under Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4.1 and other laws will also be discussed. Read more
An attorney I met recently lamented that he spends most of his workdays reacting to emails. He starts each day with a long to-do list and feels lucky to finish one or two things under the incessant email barrage. I can relate. Those of us who are on email listservs have no doubt received an email flurry sparked by an interesting (or not so interesting) question or important (or not so important) piece of news and have seen the frantic emails from attorneys begging to be removed from the listserv and pleading with others to not "Reply All."  Read more
Physical or mental impairment can arise from substance abuse, mental illness or cognitive deficits.  A seemingly brilliant lawyer can mask a substance abuse disorder that interferes with their judgment.  This webinar discusses ethical issues concerning recognizing when impairment occurs, how it impacts a lawyer’s duty of competence and the duties colleagues have to proactively to assist the lawyer and protect the clients.   Read more
If you ask Stuart Teicher (The CLE Performer) where is his favorite place on earth, he’s going to say: VEGAS, BABY. Everything about Las Vegas fascinates him—the crowds, the casinos, the history, and its States’ ethics rules.  You’re not gambling on a bad program here -- the CLE Performer will integrate talk of Las Vegas and the California ethics rules in a way that will make you come out a winner! Read more
On August 1, 2023, new rule 8.3, derisively referred to as “the lawyer rat rule,” became effective in California, requiring lawyers to report other lawyers’ serious misconduct.  Read more
ChatGPT is in the process of becoming integrated with the practice of law. Lawyers need to understand what the program is all about, how it could be harmful, and how we can benefit from it. In this one hour program, Stuart Teicher, Esq. explains just that. Read more
California Rules of Professional Conduct, rule 8.3 Reporting Professional Misconduct becomes effective August 1, 2023. Experienced ethics counsel will discuss the new rule, its scope, and what it means for attorneys practicing in California. Read more
Let’s get all up in the heads of our colleagues, shall we? Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher as he (1) explains the rules that deal with attorney misrepresentation, and (2) takes a deeper dive into why lawyers make those ill-fated statements.  Read more

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