Environmental Law

Lifetime Achievement Award Application


This invitation seeks nominations for the annual award given to a person who, during their lifetime, has made significant contributions to the field of environmental law.

Selection Criteria

The following factors may be considered by the Executive Committee in its selection of the recipient of the Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Environmental Law:

  • Contributed to the field of environmental law over a sustained period
  • Achieved excellence in the practice of environmental law
  • Demonstrated commitment to the practice of environmental law
  • Provided legal services with high ethics and collegiality
  • Exhibited a commitment to work on a range of environmental issues irrespective of the level of public attention and media focus on such issues
  • Implemented a new and/or creative approach to an environmental law issue
  • Provided quality professional services
  • Improved the lives of others


A nominee must have at least five years of experience as a California environmental lawyer.

Nomination Process

To nominate an individual for this award, please submit the following:

  1. Nomination Form (see form on next page)
  2. Nominator’s Statement of Nomination
  3. Nominee’s Resume or Biography (indicating the nominee’s principal areas of practice, the number of years of practice, professional achievements, and other features of the nominee’s career, such as community involvement and bar association activities)
  4. Any Letter(s) of Support. Note: Letter(s) of support are optional, but recommended. More than one person may sign onto a Letter of Support.

Nomination Form

Nominee Information

Name of Nominee

Agency or Organization

Job Title


Business Phone

Home/Cell Phone


Previously Nominated? Yes

Check the box if you want to use a previous Nomination Submission for consideration of the Award (You will only need to submit this Nomination Form; no supporting documents are required if you elect to use your previously completed Nomination Submission. Additional letters of support are not expected.)

Nominator Information

Nominator Name

Agency or Organization


Business Phone

Home/Cell Phone


Statement of Nomination/Resume

Please attach a narrative description (200 words or fewer) of the significant aspects of the Nominee’s career and/or other activities that demonstrate the Nominee’s contribution to the field of environmental law. Please attach a copy of the Nominee’s resume or biography. Upload your PDF by clicking "Choose File"

Letters of Support

Broad support for your Nominee is desirable. You may encourage other persons to submit Letters of Support for your Nominee. Please note that, while the number of individuals expressing support for a Nominee is an important consideration, the Executive Committee will evaluate the content of each Letter of Support to assess the nature of the support. (PDF's only please)

Letter 1:

Letter 2:

Letter 3:

If you have more attachments, please email separately to Environmental@calawyers.org.

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