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MCLE Compliance Group 3 (N-Z):  Your Compliance Deadline Is Fast Approaching!

If you are in MCLE compliance group 3 (N-Z), your compliance period ends January 31, 2020, and your deadline to report compliance is February 1, 2020.  Why wait until January to get in those last few hours of programming?  SSF offers informative, constructive, and inexpensive MCLE programs that you can take at any time, including both online CLE for participatory credit and self-study articles. 

Still need some specialty credits?  SSF can help you earn all 6 hours (4 hours in ethics, 1 in competency, and 1 in bias), and November and December are a great time to check those obligations off your year-end to-do list.  Some of the more popular SSF options include:

  • Bias in the Legal Profession (1 Elimination of Bias; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Substance Abuse and Solo Practice: Tools, Resources, and Strategies to Help You Avoid the Cycle of Substance Abuse (1 Competency Issues; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Practical Ethics – Spotting Conflicts and Privilege Issues in Practice (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit; 1 Legal Specialization in Legal Malpractice)
  • The Ethical and Practical Considerations of Co-Counsel Relationships (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • What Do You Mean You’re My Client? (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Data Security and Privacy for Solo and Small Law Firms (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Internet Investigative Tools for Sole Practitioners and Small Firms (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Legal Advertising in Cyberspace and Social Media: Ethical Implications (1 Ethics; 1 Participatory MCLE Credit)
  • Recognizing and Addressing Implicit Gender Bias in the Arena of the Solo & Small Firm (1 Elimination of Bias; 1 Self-Study Credit)
  • Can I Drive Home After Happy Hour? How Does Alcohol Absorb Into Your Body? (1 Competency Issues; 1 Self-Study Credit)
  • Elimination of Bias: You Should Try to Change What You Should Be Able to See (1 Elimination of Bias; 1 Self-Study Credit)

These online programs and self-study courses are available at the links below.

Online CLE for Participatory Credit

View Solo and Small Firm Section programs over the internet for participatory MCLE credit. Choose from hundreds of hours of MCLE programs at both modem and broadband connection speeds. To see all programs, go to streaming audio and video and select “Solo and Small Firm.”

Self-Study CLE

Online articles from Section publications are available for self-study MCLE credit. Each article is worth 1 hour of self-study credit. It’s easy … read an article and then take a 20 question quiz. The answers and justifications are available immediately upon submitting the quiz. You can earn up to 12.5 hours of self-study credit per reporting period. For more information, see our online catalog of articles.

Free CLE for CLA Members!

Are you a CLA member?  Each month, your membership in a CLA section entitles you to a free MCLE webinar.

This month’s webinar is, Avoiding Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders While Balancing the Social and Cultural Use of Alcohol in International Business.  This webinar will explore differences in business cultures and customs around the world as to their use of alcohol in business. The webinar will also discuss how to succeed in different cultural situations including if you do not drink alcohol. The use of alcohol with business raises serious issues of avoiding Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders. A substance abuse expert will also discuss issues of concern with respect to different cultural practices and customs. Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders are a significant problem in the legal profession that can be compounded with international travel and business.

Credit:  1 Participatory MCLE Credit in Competency Issues

Speakers:   Jeffery J. Daar (moderator), Kimberly Wick, and Zacharias J. Beckman

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