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Attorneys can calculate fees online through My State Bar Profile and then pay with a credit card or an electronic check from a checking/savings account (ACH). You can also print the invoice available after you calculate your fees to mail with a payment by check. Mailed payments must include a copy of the generated invoice. Read more
Applications are now available online for 2020 law school graduates to seek provisional licensure, enabling those who have not passed a bar exam to practice law in California under the supervision of fully licensed lawyers. The initial group eligible for provisional licensure are those who graduated law school between December 1, 2019, and December 31, 2020. Read more
An appellate brief is a way to convey the facts, legal questions, law that you want the court to apply, and how you want it applied. It’s also an exercise in persuasion, and should be written for readers who have only a short time to read it. Read more
In December of 2020, there were reports of a huge hack by Russia of US computer networks. The exact extent of the breach is not yet known. Some reports indicate it included the Treasury Dept., the Dept. of Homeland Security, parts of the Pentagon, and programs we use daily such as Microsoft. The question is this: what can you do to protect your computer and your client’s information? Read more
Happy New Year Solo Small Firm Members!!! I know I am thrilled to put 2020 behind me. Unfortunately, 2021 appears to be off to a rough start and while it is hard to watch our country and our citizens struggle on so many fronts, it has been amazing to see how the CLA and SSF communities have come together to support each other. Read more
At its meeting on November 19, the Board of Trustees set in motion a new commission to conduct an in-depth examination of the State Bar’s attorney discipline process system, a core function of the State Bar, and recommend how to further improve its effectiveness and fairness. The Board approved the charter and composition for the Ad Hoc Commission on the Discipline System. Read more
The technology used for showing evidence at trial has changed greatly over the years, but the purpose of demonstrative evidence remains unchanged: it breaks the pattern of the trial, clarifies issues, maintains jury interest, and persuades. The challenge for attorneys is to capitalize on new technological resources without causing juror distraction, confusion, and frustration. Here are seven expert tips for meeting this challenge. Read more
When I was in law school, my torts professor explained the economic impact of tort law. Back then, I was too naïve to understand. After practicing law as a plaintiff’s lawyer for over 25 years, I learned how tort law and the economy are deeply intertwined. Now, this issue is playing out before our eyes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more
As difficult as this year was, it has made me very thankful for my family, friends and my practice. I am also very thankful to the SSF executive committee and its section coordinator who worked tirelessly this year to provide solos and small firms across California the materials to adapt, manage and even thrive through the pandemic. And on that note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the solo small firm community, for giving us the opportunity to serve. Read more
The California Supreme Court and the State Bar are now accepting applications for their joint Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of the California Bar Exam. The commission, anticipated to have 15 to 20 members, will develop recommendations concerning whether and what changes to make to the California Bar Exam, and whether to adopt alternative or additional testing or tools to ensure minimum competence to practice law. The commission will explore issues to ensure that the exam is an effective tool for determining whether applicants are prepared to practice law ethically and competently at a level appropriate for an entry-level attorney. Read more

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