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Do you represent clients in mediation? Do you counsel clients who are going to mediation? Do you draft agreements that contain ADR clauses? If you touch mediation in any way, you need to know these five things about the latest when it comes to mediation confidentiality. Read more
An introduction to court supervised and out of court options for small businesses in financial distress. The discussion will include the benefits of Chapter 11 and a highlight of the new small business provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, the Small Business Reorganization Act, which became effective on February 19, 2020 and is intended to streamline and make less expensive the bankruptcy option for small businesses. Read more
Impact of proposition 19 on parent child transfers and replacement of principal residence by seniors. Read more
Setting boundaries can be particularly difficult for Solo and Small Firm practitioners who are always looking to expand their revenue base. But saying no and creating bright line rules for your practice and improve your work life balance, improve your top and bottom line, and ultimately help you gain more satisfaction from your business. Read more
The issue of “Technology Competence” has recently come to the fore in California when the State Bar Board of Trustees recently approved an amendment to Rule 1.1 (Duty to Perform Legal Services with Competence) to include a comment that clarifies that a lawyer’s professional competence includes “…understanding the benefits and risks of using relevant technology.” Read more
The Covid-19 crisis has broad impact on all businesses and the world economy. This webinar focuses on the 8 strategies for solo and small law firms to survive and thrive during the crisis. Read more
Attorneys can calculate fees online through My State Bar Profile and then pay with a credit card or an electronic check from a checking/savings account (ACH). You can also print the invoice available after you calculate your fees to mail with a payment by check. Mailed payments must include a copy of the generated invoice. Read more
Applications are now available online for 2020 law school graduates to seek provisional licensure, enabling those who have not passed a bar exam to practice law in California under the supervision of fully licensed lawyers. The initial group eligible for provisional licensure are those who graduated law school between December 1, 2019, and December 31, 2020. Read more
An appellate brief is a way to convey the facts, legal questions, law that you want the court to apply, and how you want it applied. It’s also an exercise in persuasion, and should be written for readers who have only a short time to read it. Read more
In December of 2020, there were reports of a huge hack by Russia of US computer networks. The exact extent of the breach is not yet known. Some reports indicate it included the Treasury Dept., the Dept. of Homeland Security, parts of the Pentagon, and programs we use daily such as Microsoft. The question is this: what can you do to protect your computer and your client’s information? Read more

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