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Deadline: March 31, 2024

Funding Criteria

Goals of the program or event

To obtain funding for a particular project or event, the requesting organization must ensure that the project or event has at least one of the following goals:

  1. To educate practitioners of all backgrounds in the practice of labor and employment law;
  2. To promote persons of diverse backgrounds in the population of practitioners in the area of employment or labor law; or
  3. To educate the general public about labor and employment law.

Funding for each requested project or event shall generally be limited to a maximum of $7,000 in a calendar year.

The Grant Subcommittee of the Labor & Employment Section will evaluate requests for funding based on the following criteria:

  1. The extent to which the proposed program or event will advance the goals set forth above;
  2. The extent to which the proposed program or event will increase membership in the Labor & Employment Law Section;
  3. The extent to which the proposed program or event will publicize the projects undertaken by the Labor & Employment Law Section;
  4. The extent to which the proposed program or event provides a service that is not currently being offered by other organizations;
  5. Whether the proposed program or event will result in Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit to attendees; and
  6. If the requesting organization has previously received grants from the Labor & Employment Law Section, the extent to which the goals of the Grant Program have been satisfied in the past.

Requirements Related to any Funded Program or Event

  1. Grant funds may only be spent on the program specified in the grant application.
  2. Grant funds must be spent within 9 months of being distributed to the grant recipient.
  3. No portion of any grant funds may be spent to pay for attorneys’ fees.
  4. Within 30 days of the completion of the program, a final fiscal report, setting forth an accounting of how the grant money was spent, must be provided to the Grants Committee of the L&E Section.
  5. Grant recipients must allow the L&E Section’s Executive Committee the right to audit their books and records regarding the expenditure of grant funds.
  6. Grant recipients must allow the L&E Section the right to send one representative of the Executive Committee to monitor the program (at no cost), and provide such invitation 30 days in advance of the program.
  7. The L&E Section’s sponsorship of the funded program must be prominently displayed in materials for the program, and a copy of such materials must be provided to the Grants Committee.
  8. Applications for membership in the L&E Section must be provided to the attorneys or students who attend the program.
  9. For any program that includes MCLE credit, grant recipients must furnish to the Grants Committee, within 30 days of the completion of the program, a roster of attendees, including Bar numbers.
  10. For any program to be held at a hotel, the program must be hosted at a union hotel at which there is no active labor dispute or risk of dispute.  If there are no union hotels in the geographical area in which the program is located, the grant recipient should ensure that there are no active labor disputes or risks of dispute at the hotel selected.

Application Process

Click HERE to access a Grant Application.

Click HERE to access the Grant Cover Sheet.

Please email your application to:

Labor & Employment Law Section
California Lawyers Association
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 650
Sacramento, CA 95814

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