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Diversity Grants

Deadline: March 31, 2024

Application Format

Download the cover sheet here.

All L&E Section Diversity Grant applications must include the following:

A. Cover Sheet

Every application must include a Cover Sheet. Please download the cover sheet here.

B. Project Description

All applicants must also submit a full project description providing the following:

  1. A statement of the problem that the project will address.
  2. A state of the objective of the project and how you will measure its success.
  3. A description of the project.
  4. A description of the extent to which the project meets the Funding Criteria outlined by the Grants Committee.
  5. A brief summary of what, if anything, others have already done in this area.  The application must attest that an effort has been made to determine whether any federal, state or local government agency is currently providing a similar service and, if so, that the applicant has coordinated with the agency to ensure that services already being provided will not be duplicated.
  6. The estimated schedule for the project. Discuss what steps will be taken at a specific points during the project period.
  7. A proposed budget, including:
    • the organization’s total budget;
    • the project’s total budget;
    • the amount of funds requested; and
    • additional funding sources and fundraising strategies for the organization and the project, if any.

      Indicate the specific purpose for which you are requesting funds and your priorities in the event that the Section awards your organization less than the full amount requested. (The Grant will be used to benefit the public and not to promote the requesting Entity’s self-promotion.)
  8. Optional: You may send us supplemental material that you think is crucial to your application, such as letters of endorsements and newspaper articles regarding the project.

C. Certification Regarding Use of Grant Funds

All applications must also include a certification signed by you indicating that if awarded grant funds, you will:

  1. Spend the grant funds solely on the program specified in the grant application;
  2. Spend the grant funds (by March 31, 2024) or within 9 months of your receipt; unless written extension is requested and granted by the L&E Section;
  3. Use of the grant to pay Attorney or Staff time is discouraged; however, the committee will consider proposals not to exceed 50% of the requested grant funding.  Travel expenses will be considered if over 50 miles.
  4. Within 30 days of the completion of the program (but not later than March 31, 2023), provide a final fiscal report to the L&E Section, setting forth an accounting of how the grant money was spent;
  5. Grant the L&E Section’s Executive Committee the right to audit your organization’s books and records regarding the expenditure of grant funds;
  6. Grant the L&E Section the right to send one representative of the Executive Committee to monitor the program (at no cost), and provide such invitation 30 days in advance of the program;
  7. Prominently display the L&E Section’s sponsorship of the funded program in the materials for the program;
  8. Provide L&E Section membership applications to the attorneys or students who attend the program;
  9. Within 30 days of the completion of the program, furnish to the L&E Section a roster of attendees, with Bar numbers, for any program that includes MCLE credit; and
  10. For any program to be held at a hotel, host the program at a union hotel (unless there is no union hotel in the geographical area in which the program is located).

Please be aware that in the event you are awarded a grant, the L&E Section Executive Committee may audit the expenditure of any grant funds awarded, including an inspection of your supporting financial documentation.

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