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Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and distraction. These are just a few of the ruinous enemies of peak productivity—and professional and personal success. Unfortunately, these internal saboteurs have become so commonplace that most of us accept them as a normal and necessary cost of doing business. But here’s what you need to know: they can be stopped in their tracks. Read more
This class has been designed to welcome beginners as well as experienced students of yoga. Gentle movements of the body with stretches and regulated breath-work will energize and relax the mind & body after the session.  Read more
The Real Property Law Section is pleased to announce that 2023 Real Property Law Health and Wellness Retreat will be in-person in Sonoma, CA on March 24-25, 2023. Read more
This vinyasa (flow) style asana practice leans toward strength and active mobility involving shorter posture holds and dynamic transitions at a challenging pace. This class is like lifting weights, stretching, and meditating all at the same time. Read more
As we embark on our virtual yoga series, join yoga instructors and legal practitioners for a conversation about why yoga is a valuable component of your wellness toolkit. We will begin with a brief breathing exercise followed by discussion of the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of a yoga practice including connections to ethics and recovery from challenges like cancer and physical injuries. Read more
Health food advocate and plant-based chef, Tracy Childs, joins us for a virtual cooking demonstration of “Pink Pasta”.  Learn more about the myriad benefits of plant-based eating including the reversal of many chronic diseases, like heart disease.  Read more
In recent years plant-based diets have gone mainstream. More people are touting the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting back on meat. The advantages have been well researched, and many people are seeing incredible results. We know we should eat more blueberries and broccoli, but why don’t we? Change is hard! Read more
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the U.S. The process begins decades before symptoms appear. Lifestyle factors, including nutrition, play a major role in the progression and also prevention of the disease. Learn how food choices impact your chances of developing or avoiding heart disease. Read more
Compliments of Title Boxing Club, you can try a variety of virtual fitness classes from the comfort of your home or on the go.  This is a great opportunity to finish the #CLAWellnessChallenge strong at no cost to you.  Use the links below to participate in pre-recorded fitness classes until the end of January 2023.  You can click here to learn a little more about the focus of these classes.     Read more
Attorneys are experiencing unprecedented overwhelm, over-deployment and continuous uncertainty. A nurse practitioner well-being expert will present a program with science-backed tools to address how to pursue your own wellbeing by designing a life that is set up for success. This will be highly interactive and will start promptly at noon. Read more

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