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Spring has sprung.  Many firms are really getting back into the Spring of things with counties opening up more and more and apparently a full scale opening of California as of June 15, 2021.  Besides spring housecleaning, which I personally love to do, it’s a great time to spring clean your office.  Need to make some space, have your archived files that you no longer need to preserve shredded or destroyed.  Files in disarray, pleadings and discovery everywhere, consider going paperless and perhaps now is the time to really look into that case management system you’ve been thinking about for some time like MyCase to get you and your firm organized and more productive.

Studies also show that having a clean and uncluttered office leads to more productivity and less stress. Additionally, it is well known that your telephone, mouse and keyboard carry a shocking amount of germs.  So clear off your desk, break out the Swiffer duster and Clorox wipes and clean your office and all your office equipment.  While it may take some time out of a workday if you don’t want to waste your weekend, coming into a clean organized office is not only a wonderful feeling, but gets you organized and ready for a productive day. 

One last tip, if your office is a bit drab, try some plants.  Plants like philodendron, snake plants, bamboo palms, rubber trees, spider plants, and ficus and dragon trees not only add life and color to your office but they all help to clean your stagnant office air by filtering out chemicals like ammonia, toluene, formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen.  Not a green thumb?  Neither am I but you simply can’t kill most of the plants I have listed unless you really try. 

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