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In order to serve as a professional fiduciary in California, it is necessary to become licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs Professional Fiduciary Bureau. No one who meets the definitions in Business and Professions Code Sections 6500-6592 of “professional fiduciary” can serve, unless exempt from licensing, in that capacity without being licensed. Further, no private professional fiduciary who is not licensed may be appointed by a Court as a conservator, guardian, or trustee.

The Professional Fiduciary Bureau of the Department of Consumer Affairs has released a Professional Fiduciary Application Package. The Package consists of the nine forms that follow. The forms are also available on the internet and can be accessed by clicking on the titles below. To keep track of the latest postings, see Department of Consumer Affairs Professional Fiduciaries Bureau.

All of the following documents can be found on the Bureau’s site under Applicants.

  1. Are You A Professional Fiduciary?
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. License Application Checklist
  4. Application General Information
  5. Licensing Application
  6. Live Scan Fingerprint Information and Procedures
  7. Instructions for Completing Live Scan Form
  8. Request for Live Scan Service
  9. Professional Fiduciaries Code of Ethics

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