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Brett Cook
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Jeewon Serrato
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Donald Yoo
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Joshua de Larios-Heiman
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California Lawyers Association Staff

Section Manager

Camren Butler

Privacy Law Section Committees

Contact us at if you would like more information about joining the following committees or if you are interested in exploring other committees or working groups.

Privacy Treatise Committee

The Privacy Treatise Committee publishes the California Privacy Law Treatise. This master treatise comprehensively documents and describes this area of law, which presents a broad and rich palette for practitioners and regulators. Each year, seasoned practitioners of differing perspectives are engaged to update new developments in this area of law. A team of peer reviewers also drawn from the ranks of California’s leading practitioners are tasked with the review of the yearly update. In 2021, the Committee will be publishing the California Consumer Privacy Act Handbook.

Privacy Publications Committee

The Privacy Publications Committee publishes regular privacy news updates and in-depth articles about the newest developments in California privacy law and other privacy laws that impact Californians and businesses in the state.  We also partner with the Education Committee to offer short form interviews and discussions through social media platforms such as LinkedIn Live.  The Committee maintains the Section website and aims to have the site serve as a resource for California privacy professionals. Click here for recent privacy articles published by the section. 

Privacy Education Committee

The Privacy Education Committee organizes and sponsors webinars, conferences and offers MCLE programming to keep California lawyers up to date on developments in privacy law.  Our educational events include speakers from all walks of privacy law including plaintiffs’ counsel, defense lawyers, government regulators, and agency representatives.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee actively monitors proposed legislation and regulations, at both the state and federal level, and produces an accessible legislation-tracking document for CLA members to understand privacy-related developments across the country. The Legislative Committee also facilitates drafting and submission of comments/input on legislation and regulations on CLA’s behalf, and partners with the Publications and Events Committees to produce articles and events related to developments in privacy laws and regulations.

Emerging Technology Committee

The Emerging Technology Committee gathers practitioners working on privacy issues in the emerging technology sector to discuss privacy concerns and opportunities. The Committee explores how emerging technologies affect privacy, the criminal legal system, and improving access to necessary resources for those who lack it. The Emerging Technology Committee makes proposals and recommendations to the Executive Committee based on those discussions.

Memberships Committee

The Memberships Committee works with the California Lawyers Association and the Privacy Section’s members to support existing members with valuable benefits, including free access to FastCase, free MCLE credit, and discounts on other Section offerings. The Committee also leads outreach campaigns to connect with new members, understand what would attract new members, and ensure that potential members are aware of the Privacy Section’s offerings.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the governance structure of the Privacy Section, including Section’s bylaws, mission statement, rules of order, and policies.

California Young Lawyers Association Committee

The California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) Committee works with practitioners in the first eight years of their career to provide training, mentorship, publication, and networking opportunities tailored to early-career privacy practitioners.

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