Law Practice Management and Technology

The Bottom Line September 2019, Vol. 39, No. 1


By: Peter N. Brewer, Esq.

Most of us, as we grow older, gain perspective on some of the folly of our youth. We begin to realize why "young and dumb" are often in the same phrase. As we go crashing down the moguls we give no regard to the eventual necessity for knee replacements. We blast Led Zeppelin through the ear buds without regard for the hearing aides we will need later. And don’t get me started on the keggers, toga parties, and reckless driving that the fortunate among us manage to survive.

Well, here is another bit of folly that we may be indulging in at this moment, but will have occasion to look back on later and wish we had handled things differently: succession planning.

With all the attention paid, much of it ineffectual, to MCLE, mandatory continuing legal education, vainly encouraging us to be nice to one another and to stay current in our respective areas of practice, woefully little attention is given to succession planning. How often to you see MCLE seminars offering guidance on this critically important topic that is just as inevitable as death and taxes.

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