Law Practice Management and Technology

The Bottom Line September 2019, Vol. 39, No. 1

20 True/False Questions – for Mari’s article for Bottom Line- conflict and the brain

1. Our brain is the CEO of our entire body.
True. Our brain is the CEO of our entire body, and directs how we interact with others, for better or worse.

2. Making choices is a conscious brain function.
True. It’s critical to understand how our brain functions to enable us to discern what is conscious, which gives us the ability to make choices such as how to respond

3. Our modern brain is part of our Reptilian system.
False. Our primitive brain, from the dawn of humans, was our Reptilian System, which still works in conjunction with our more modern brain.

4. Our primitive brain takes over when we’re happy.
False. Whenever we feel threatened, our primitive brain takes over.

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