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Are you curious about the link between plant-based diets and health? Are you looking for ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into your daily meal plans? Our Health and Wellness Committee (HWC) is delighted to share some of its recent research with you. Read more
It is now common knowledge that law students and licensed attorneys suffer from mental health and substance use problems at greater rates than the general population.,, This recognition has prompted the State Bar of California to require all attorneys admitted after February 1, 2018, to undergo 1.5 hours of education on substance use and mental health disorders within their first year of licensure in addition to the long-standing requirement to obtain an additional hour of education on Competency Issues during each subsequent renewal cycle. Read more
Here is the setting: A pandemic has changed the way we live and decimated our economy, coupled with protests calling for racial justice. Meanwhile, everyone seems to have a different opinion about how to solve these overwhelming challenges. Read more
If you’re wondering how to develop a sense of inner strength and calm, even as stress threatens to send you spinning, look no further than the example set by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine. Read more
The first months of 2020 have been “interesting times” fraught with danger and fear, but also creativity and innovation. In the age of social distancing and shelter in place, it has not been possible to continue to insist on in-person depositions, or even in-person hearings. Read more
By Greg Dorst, JD, CADC IIConsultant to The Other Bar Your law practice took a long time to build whether it is large, medium or small. The clients you have attracted through hard work and reputation occupy your time and feed you and your family, supplying a means to live and produce what is necessary to have a full and vibrant life. Yet, the same thing that enables a vibrant personal life can also consume everything about you. Because the… Read more
We lawyers are smart people who are worldly in the sense that we pay attention to the world around us. In order to be good at our craft, we have to be aware of current developments as well as recent historical facts. Read more
The vast majority of lawyers in California are hard working and conscientious; they have a desire to do what is right and complete any work they have been hired to do thoroughly and to the best of their ability. This is why we became lawyers, to do for others what they are unable to do adequately for themselves. Read more

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