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Like so many of us, I am an insomniac. Or, more accurately these days, I am a recovering one, thanks to the small changes I made in my daily routines. In my ongoing pursuit of a great night’s sleep, I have researched and tested a lot of tips and techniques, and finally arrived at a combination of sleep hygiene habits that work quite well for me. I want to share what I’ve learned in the hope that it might be helpful for you as well. Read more
When I was a kid, all I wanted was a dog. I really, really, really wanted a dog. Read more
Deservedly so, lawyer well-being has received considerable attention lately. Large firms in particular have attracted the spotlight for their efforts and innovations—which are commendable. Read more
Wanna get away? Given the state of the world around us, I will assume the answer is yes, so let’s hop in the mental time machine for a moment and chart a course for exactly one year ago, to January 2020. If you are like me—or most people—that might as well be a journey back to the Carolingian Empire given how distant, remote, and fully unfamiliar it seems. “Wait, was that even a thing?” you might be asking. Indeed, it was, and it was just 12 short months ago that many of us were looking ahead to 2020 with growing optimism, enthusiasm, and energy. Read more
I imagine you have already heard a lot about gratitude and how great it is for you. Whenever life becomes challenging, at least one friend or family member will likely remind you to appreciate and give thanks for all the good things in your life. Is there anything else to be said about gratitude? I submit there is indeed, and it bears repeating. Feeling even just a little bit thankful every day will bring long-lasting positive changes into your life. Read more
The leaves have fallen and the ads in our Sunday paper are promoting their annual holiday gathering wares as if nothing has changed. But it has. Read more
With all that has gone on in 2020, it is time that we take a fresh look at how we are feeling about the changes in our world and how we have responded to loss and uncertainty. All of us feel the stress and anxiety of loss, change and uncertainty and many of us need help to readjust, adapt or reset. The size and scope of what we are collectively feeling is big and it feels different than anything we have previously experienced. Read more
M.A. is a transactional attorney practicing intellectual property and business/corporate law, including working with entrepreneurs and start-ups on their patents, trademarks, copyrights, protection of trade secrets, and compliance training of employees. Before coming to law, she spent 13 years doing biomedical research, including co-authoring a dozen publications of original research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Read more
I receive emails, phone calls and text messages regularly from lawyers who are struggling with fear and anxiety and feel that they are on the edge of becoming dysfunctional as a result of these issues. It is time to talk about this condition in a practical way so that anyone who is having symptoms of paralyzing fear and anxiety can begin to work on getting better. Read more
As a person who is quite easily distracted and who can be chaotic without a concerted effort, I know the struggle to hold a full-time job and have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read more

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