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California Lawyers Association will use recent findings from an attorney well-being research project to design strategies to help lawyers address suicide risk factors and improve their overall health. Read more
Let me start by saying that for the majority of my life, I ignored my money. I spent it. I hid it from myself. I obtained thousands of dollars in student loans for two degrees during a recession, expecting the best. Instead, I ended up working in a field I never expected to work in. Read more
For Well-Being Week in the Law, CLA asked mindfulness teacher Judi Cohen about her self-care journey and suggestions for lawyers and legal professionals. Read more
As fall unfolded into winter in 2020, the light dimmed, the pandemic flared, and I signed up to learn how to tell stories—the kind when people get up on stage, stand in front of a microphone, and spin an old fashioned yarn. The best ones appear on The Moth; the beginners, like me, start at Capital Storytelling in Sacramento. Read more
The Pleasure Trap has helped me solve the most challenging problem of my medical practice: Why is it so difficult for people to adopt a healthful diet and lifestyle—despite the obvious and overwhelming benefits? Since 1976, I have known how people can lose weight without ever being hungry; cure most cases of arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension; and reverse serious heart disease. Read more
Decluttering is about much more than having space on your desk to place your laptop or room in the closet for new clothes. Having an abundance of clutter in our professional and personal spaces is a source of anxiety and unnecessary stress. It can be distracting, draining, and hold us back from productive work. Tidying our physical spaces and clearing out clutter can put us in a more positive, peaceful state of mind. Read more
Eating a plant-based diet can reduce your risk for breast cancer and help stop recurrence. Read more
“I want to swim. I must swim. I need to swim. I crave swimming.” I thought, and felt to my core, soon after Covid-19 shut down the pools I swim at and stopped me from this every-other-day ritual. And when I started swimming again a couple of months later it is swimming that has helped me, is helping me, will hopefully continue to help me cope with the pandemic and stay healthy – physically, emotionally, mentally, sociably. Or at least not devolve. Read more
In the middle of my second year of law school, I ended up at the ER with severe stomach pain. I knew that my body had been out of balance for a while. I was working full time while attending law school in the evening. I had 30 minutes to eat a rush meal at the school cafeteria before going to class. Read more
In late January 2020, I had surgery to reattach a tendon in the arch of my foot. Unbeknownst to me, I was getting a head start on sheltering in place before we all found ourselves at home. After being on bed rest, and moving very little for six weeks, I was finally able to venture out on my knee scooter and head back to the office. I was easing back into a normal routine and had started physical therapy. Read more

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