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Profile in Business Cards

By John Richards

The California Lawyers Association Board of Representatives held a meeting in San Diego on June 20th and 21st. There were quite a number of impressive individuals and I’m excited to highlight the hardworking CLA members through a profile in business cards.

Sara Rief | Hanlon & Rief

Sara is the Board of Directors representative for the Criminal Law Section of the California Lawyers Association.  Her office is in San Francisco where she primarily practices in criminal defense and once served as an intern with the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office. Learn more about Sara Rief.

Howard (Chip) Wilkins III | Remy, Moose Manley, LLP

Chip is an active contributor to the California Lawyers Association Board of Directors and represents the Environmental Section.  The Environmental Section hosts an amazing annual event in Yosemite with incredible attendance.  Chip shared with me some of their ideas for garnering the enthusiasm of their section.  Great stuff.  Also, the Environmental Section is looking to do some joint CLE efforts coming up.  Stay tuned….  Chip’s firm hails from Sacramento and he is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law. Learn more about Howard (Chip) Wilkins III.

Heather Benton | State Compensation Insurance Fund

Heather Benton represents the California Young Lawyers Association with the California Lawyers Association.  She hails from Glendale where she works for the State Compensation Insurance Fund.  I could not find one photo of Heather anywhere on the internet.  That is hard to do these days.  Regardless, Heather is a fearless advocate for her section and really embraces her work with the CLA.

Phil Horowitz | Law Offices of Phil Horowitz
Phil Horowitz

Unlike Heather, who does not have a website or photos on the internet, Phil has no business cards but a vast web presence.  Nevertheless, I told him I would do a profile on him just because he is such a fascinating character.

Phil serves on the California Lawyers Association Board of Directors on behalf of the Labor and Employment Section.  He lives in San Francisco and his office is in beautiful downtown Oakland.  Phil represents workers in litigation against their employers.  He’s a tireless advocate for numerous things with the board, but most notably diversity. Learn more about Phil Horowitz.

Ellen Miller | California Lawyers Association

Ellen Miller is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives with the California Lawyers Association. She is the former Executive Director and CEO of the San Diego County Bar Association. She has also worked at the American Bar Association and State Bar of California. You can find her on Twitter @emillerprogress. Also, she and I sat next to each other during the crowded second day. I’m impressed with her tireless efforts and enthusiasm for her job. We are counting of capable leaders like her to help shape our organization. Check out the CLA’s website.

Linda Geery, CPA | Gilbert C.P.A.

Linda provides the accounting and reports for the California Lawyers Association.  It’s an important aspect of all how we grow our organization and shape all of our events.  Thank you for your work, Linda!  Can we get a color photo of you some day? Learn more about Linda Geery.

Meghan Phillips | Honey

First off, this is the heaviest business card I’ve ever felt.  It’s basically like 3-4 cards in thickness.  Meghan and her creative director Ashley Rodseth have done an excellent job with California Lawyers Association’s new branding which is soon to roll out.  I am personally very excited by the mixture of simplicity and modern cutting-edge the new CLA branding will have.  I cannot wait to implement it in future e-news’.  You can find Honey on twitter @workbyhoney.  Thank you, Meghan and Ashley. Check out the Honey website.

Matthew Majd | University of San Diego J.D. Candidate

I never had business cards when I was in law school…very impressive.  I met Matthew at the Real Property Law Section Summer Soiree on June 20, 2019 at the Loma Club in San Diego.  Matthew steadily made his rounds talking to many real estate attorneys and sought guidance and help on shaping his career.  Nice to meet you, Matthew.  You have a bright future.  Just listen to what I said! 8^D

Connect with Matthew Majd.

Perry Segal | Charon Law

Perry is both an attorney and management and technology consultant for law firms.  He serves on the California Lawyers Association Board of Directors on behalf of the Law Practice Management and Technology Section.  I first met Perry on Twitter.  You will find him here: @ediscinsights.  Perry’s business/practice is out of Redwood City, CA.  He contacted me to get one of these:

After discussing the issue with Perry, he said nothing ever says “Perry” so he’s very excited to get one of the glasses.  Thanks for coming to the Summer Soiree Perry!

Learn more about Perry Segal.

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