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Review: CLA Board Meeting

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By John (J.R.) Richards

On June 20 and 21, I had the honor of attending the California Lawyers Association Board of Representatives meeting in San Diego on behalf of the Real Property Law Section.  For one and a half days, the Board Representatives of the CLA met to discuss and approve the various issues that face our state-wide organization.  What an remarkable group!  Here are some photos of the meeting.

The meetings were held on the 22nd Floor in downtown San Diego.  Just picturesque all the way around. I even had an opportunity to check out the boats on the harbor and cruise around town on an electric scooter.

Ona Dosumnu was honored for all of her hard work with the CLA.  You can check out my January 2019 interview with Ona here.  Ona is the executive director of the CLA and we all really admire her steady hand and strong leadership.  Thank you, Ona,

So the group was about 15-20 people and the one thing that struck me about the group is just how everyone cared and their members were not only present but also engaged in the whole meeting.  With the Real Property Section, we have an extremely strong group, but there are things we can learn from the other groups too.  Many sections have a journal and are struggling whether to make it online.  Other groups are also trying to expand their footprint, etc.   Regardless, it is clear to me that the CLA Board of Directors plays a vital role in how the real property section will continue to lead in California.

Jim Hill and Heather Rosing and the other CLA leadership came up to me immediately and introduced themselves.  Each of the leaders were really impressive with how they kept the group on task and in focus.  As the group struggled with important issues, like diversity, each of the leaders had something important to impart upon us.

I met Chip Wilkins and learned about the success of the Evironmental Law Conference.  They get incredible attendance and the conference really galvanizes their membership in a way I hope the RPLS can.  I thank Chip for his time.

Overall, the meetings touched on a number of subjects.  I am glad to say that the group is in process of approving an Ethics Committee.  One of the challenges is meeting our demanding need for diversity in all aspects.  So that was a big part of the discussion with forming a new committee. 

I am glad to hear the Board is pursuing opportunities with wellness on a statewide level.  I think wellness is not only important but could be a great opportunity for our organization.

The Board discussed other issues including but not limited to:

  • ABA Conference 8/9-8/2019 San Francisco, CA
  • The successful Solo/Small Firm Conference
  • CLA-wide Education Chairs Meeting
  • CLA-wide Journal Meeting (same as education stuff)
  • Conference Ideas
  • CLA Budget
  • Long range membership planning
  • E-news
  • Government and Public Affairs Strategies
  • Branding
  • Diversity

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