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In October of 2020, the California Supreme Court approved a Provisional Licensure Program that allows eligible 2019 and 2020 law school graduates to practice as provisionally licensed lawyers under the supervision of fully licensed practitioners. In early 2021, the program was expanded to allow individuals who scored 1390 or higher on a California bar exam administered between July 2015 and February 2020 to participate in the program in lieu of taking the exam again if they complete 300 hours of supervised legal practice under the program. Read more
CLA will hold an election of new officers at its June 10-11 meeting. Nominations are due in May for those interested in serving as president, vice president, or another office on the Board of Representatives. Read more
Women now make up 37.6% of judicial officers in California, according to demographic data released last month by the Judicial Council of California. Read more
f you’re anything like most lawyers, you’ve undoubtedly been working remotely a lot more over the past year than ever before. By all indications, that trend will only continue in 2021 as we face additional pandemic turbulence. That’s why it’s so important to have a full understanding of the ethical implications when lawyers and other law firm employees work remotely. Read more
As a major supporter of pro bono work, the California Lawyers Association is committed to helping foster a statewide culture of pro bono service. Lawyers have more opportunities than ever to help people access justice, and groups across California are always eager for more who want to make a difference. Read more
Every lawyer understands the importance of addressing conflicts. They potentially implicate loyalty and confidentiality issues, and are therefore an important part of addressing fiduciary duties. But even when lawyers are able to identify the existence of a conflict, they sometimes have difficulty in determining how to address it. Read more
Advocacy was one of the main benefits we and others envisioned when we left the State Bar to chart our own course as the voluntary bar association for all California attorneys in 2018. Advocacy for our members, the legal profession, and the public. Read more
Having a diverse judiciary comprised of individuals whose experiences give them a window into the lives of the human beings impacted by their rulings is important for many reasons. Read more
The year 2020 brought manifest challenges to our membership, our profession, and the nation. Those challenges continue in 2021. Read more
CLA members who completed the association’s first-ever #CLAWellnessChallenge said the experience helped them adopt new mindfulness techniques, integrate healthy habits and generally cope with COVID-19 restrictions. Read more

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