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Introducing our California Law Academy family And providing an opportunity for our students to shine Highlighting Our Law Academies and Students Read more
Last month, 200 high school students from the Sacramento area descended upon the Capitol, eager to learn about the legal profession and the legislative process. The students heard from elected officials, attorneys, doctors, and judges. It was a tremendous occasion for the California Lawyers Foundation (CLF), the nonprofit arm of California Lawyers Association (CLA), and its California Law Pathways Collaborative (CPLC) program. Read more
California Lawyers Association (CLA) has launched a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will conclude in the Fall of 2024 with a white paper on suggestions for how the legal profession in California should be regulated and how attorneys should respond, adapt, and learn. The task force also aims to offer insight into where companies can assist the legal industry in the 21st century. Read more
In tumultuous times, we need leaders and citizens who practice good values, civility, and ethics.  With the new civility oath and MCLE requirements in mind, what else can the legal profession do to continue to instill good ethics and morals in their life and practices.  Our two speakers are model citizens when it comes to ethics and values.  The audience will hear about their best practices and solutions for a better legal industry and possibly world at large.  Read more
Preparing for litigation is a difficult task. Preparing for litigation with the press and high-profile clients can be even more difficult. From Marsha Clark to Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shaprio, to Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew, to Jeffrey Kessler and Mark Geragos, attorneys have often led the way with their clients or when representing the state using tactics that have worked and not worked. Read more
This program features terrific speakers and elected officials from some of the most well-known cities in the state. California is a large state and the politics vary, but the process is essentially the same in terms of getting elected. However, the panelists will discuss their experiences, the processes of campaigning, contributions, and electability. The panelists will also discuss what it takes to be a great elected official and the personality traits, morals, and ethics needed to lead. Read more
For more than a decade, California legal services providers have discussed the need for a system that could easily connect individual lawyers with the many pro bono opportunities available across the state.  Read more
The California Lawyers Foundation (CLF), in its first three years of operation, has awarded over $450,000 to California organizations that are actively working to enhance diversity in the legal profession and achieve fairness in the administration of justice and the rule of law. CLF is the charitable arm of the California Lawyers Association (CLA), California’s largest voluntary bar association, representing nearly 80,000 attorneys. Now in its fourth year, CLF will award an additional $350,000 in grant funding to qualifying organizations to increase access to justice, enhance civics education for K-12 students, and eliminate financial and academic hurdles for students of color and students from low-income communities who want to pursue a career in law.  Read more
Join us for an evening with legal and business professionals as we explore the real world impacts possible when working in non-profit organizations. Hear a variety of perspectives and experiences. We hope attendees will leave with inspiration to inform their own paths and pursuits in the legal community. Read more
Join us for an evening with top leaders in the law.  Panelists will discuss the twists and turns of their own career paths and offer insight into how to chart your own path towards a satisfying and stimulating career in the law.  Read more

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