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Submission Guidelines


  • Publications committee meets second week of the month
  • Citation
    • Hyperlink
  • Length
    • Max 500 words
  • Topics/Relevance
    • Strong preference for CA privacy law related topics
    • To avoid overlap/redundancy, please discuss with the section Vice Chair by either email or by attending the monthly publication meeting. For an invitation to the monthly meeting, please email the Chair at
  • Tone
    • Use active voice
    • Neutral tone that conveys the highlights of the topic and potential implications of the case, event, enforcement action, etc.
    • Accessible to audiences without a legal degree such as I.T., policymakers, legislators, etc.
  • Format
    • Single spaced
    • Font: Times Roman Numeral, 12 pt
  • Abbreviations – spell out the meaning of the abbreviation when it first appears in the article

MCLE Submission Guidelines

  • Qualifications as a writer
    • Member of the CLA Privacy Law Section An attorney if discussing a legal matter
    • An expert who is not an attorney can also qualify if they are speaking to a topic that is relevant to the practice of law
      • For example, case management or document management experts
  • Topics/ Relevance
    • Article must discuss the relevance of the privacy law topic to California lawyers and their practice.
    • Articles should consider the discuss privacy law, ethical issue or management advice.
  • Tone
    • Use active voice
    • Neutral tone that conveys the highlights of the topic and potential implications of the case, event, enforcement action, etc.
    • For a legal audience looking to understand the legal implications of topics and recent developments.
  • Length
    • Approximately 1,700 – 2,000 word or 4-5 pages single spaced
    • Citations do not factor into the word count/ page limit
  • Citation
    • Use primary or secondary sources
    • Endnote citations in Bluebook format
  • MCLE credits for writer
    • For preparing the article and quiz, the author may receive MCLE credits
  • Creating Questions and Answers
    • Generate two separate word documents:
      • Document with the true/ false questions as they will appear to quiz taker
        • Document name format: Quiz_[Name of Article]_[Last Name Author]
        • Example: Quiz_CCPA Today_Smith
      • Document with the corresponding explanations and answers
        • Document name format: Answer Key_[Name of Article]_[Last Name Author]
        • Example: Answer Key_CCPA Today_Smith
  • Guidelines for formatting questions
    • Style and formatting
      • All questions will be true/ false format
      • Each true/ false must be numbered
    • Content
      • 20 true/ false questions
      • The information used to generate the true or false questions must be available in the accompanying article.
      • True/ false questions should assess readers’ understanding of the core concepts or important take-aways from the accompanying article.
  • Do not formulate “got-you” questions based on semantics or slight change of phrases/ words.
  • Guidelines for formulating answers and explanations
    • Style and formatting
      • Each answer should be the same number as its corresponding true/ false question.
      • The correct answer should come first followed by the explanation.
    • Content
      • Brief 1-2 sentence explanation of the reason for the answer.


Sample true/ false statement:

1.  The enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act is not shared with the state’s Attorney General.

Sample answer and explanation:

1. False. The enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Protection is shared between the state’s Attorney General and the California Privacy Protection Agency.

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