Cal. Litig. 2017, Volume 30, Number 1

Editor’s Foreword Ch-ch-changes

By Benjamin G. Shatz, Editor-in-Chief

The late, great David Bowie exhorted us to "turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes." Well, if ever that time has come, it’s now: in our nation, in our State, and in our Bar. We have a unique administration in Washington to keep us glued to our news sources of choice. Closer to home, our Golden State has essentially legalized marijuana. But put those concerns about stoned drivers at ease: self-driving robot cars are just around the corner!

For a look at the future that is here right now, this issue offers Ray Johnson’s article bringing us up to speed in Robot Vehicles and the Real World. So many drivers already seem like they’re not paying attention to the road, perhaps self-driving cars will help. But then there are the drivers who simply can’t pay attention, not with all the groovy colors to dig and Cheetos to munch. Reefer madness has nothing to do with scuba diving and much to do with legalized marijuana. Joaquin Vazquez lays out the latest in Joint Laws Transforming California.

Returning to more pedestrian litigation issues, we have a pair of articles on everyday bread-and-butter lawyering: John Conti gives us The Opening Statement for the Defense, and Alison Buchanan presents Identifying and Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law in a Global Economy.

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