Editor’s Note…


Editor’s Note…

by Jennifer L. Harder

This issue of Environmental Law News bids a grateful farewell to Julia Stein, who steps down from her post as Editor-in-Chief. Julia has captained this publication with passion and dedication, and we are thankful for her tenure. We are pleased that Julia will stay connected to Environmental Law News as an advisor and as a member of our excellent team of staff editors going forward.

In our fall issue, we feature analysis from a range of authors on critical issues shaping California today, from water to housing to carbon-free energy. We begin with an article from Osha Meserve and Rebecca Robbins that chronicles the second part of the California WaterFix hearings at the State Water Resources Control Board, tracing the evidence and arguments presented in the hearing with an eye toward the next step in the ongoing Delta saga. Next, Sarah Hoffman investigates connections between the recently-amended Housing Accountability Act, the state housing crisis, and local agency authority, and recommends approaches that agencies can take to navigate this sleeping tiger of a law. Callie Lindemann also explores the issue of local agency authority, focusing her analysis through the lens of a recent appellate decision that upholds the ability of an irrigation district to terminate water deliveries based on a violation of district rules. Martin Stratte then describes the connection between open-pit metallic mining and California’s quest to develop carbon-free energy, taking us on an expert journey through the state’s new metallic mine backfill regulations and offering ideas for improvement. With similar focus, Ryan Mahoney takes a deep dive into the issue of reservoir sedimentation, providing a thorough review of the law, science, and policy that affects this important aspect of state water supply. Finally, Paul Kibel brings us his perspective on water law issues raised by the Monterey desalinization project proposed by the California-American Water Company and recently approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.

We would love to hear thoughts or suggestions you have for us, whether they be article topics for Environmental Law News, webinar topics, suggestions for future in-person programs, or other ways you think we can better serve our membership. And if you are interested in writing for our Spring 2020 issue, please reach out to me, Jennifer Harder, at jharder@pacific.edu. We are always excited to hear from prospective authors!