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Intellectual Property Law’s AI Package

Purchase this AI Package and receive five (5) programs for $199! Offer ends 01/31/2024. 

What’s Included: 

Copyright & AI – Perspectives from the U.S. Copyright Office | 1.0 Hour MCLE
Join the U.S. Copyright Office to explore the intersection between copyright law and artificial intelligence, including human authorship, machine enhanced creativity, data inputs, and enforcement. 

The Brave New World of AI-Enabled Technologies IP Protection & Ethics | 1.0 Hour Legal Ethics
Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technology has widespread applications and is increasingly becoming important to the production of goods and services. Commercialization of AI-enabled technology and big data processes requires an incentive system such as intellectual property protection to help promote investment and innovation. This, however, poses legal and ethical challenges. This panel will address IP rights in AI, ethical concerns in the use of AI, and tips on operationalizing AI ethics for your company to achieve the right balance between adequate protection and ethical use. 

Is Doubling Down on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Patents a Safe Bet or a Gamble? | 1.0 Hour MCLE
The panel will discuss the recent surge in global patent ?lings in this area, which the UN has described as a “quantum leap,” and look into the various industries and markets that are impacted as well as the uncertainties & unique challenges with subject matter eligibility, inventorship, proving infringement, dual actor infringement issues, etc.  

DABUS and the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) inventors | 1.0 Hour MCLE
This webinar discusses various court and patent office decisions regarding Artificial Intelligence as the named inventor on patent applications. 

Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences Patent Applications – Perspectives on the JPO’s Approach | .75 Hour MCLE
This panel will provide insights on the Japan Patent Office’s approach to AI-related patent applications in the life sciences industry. The speakers will discuss patent eligibility for AI applications in Japan, the JPO Examination Guidelines for such inventions, filing trends as well as a JPO Examiner’s views on such filings. The speakers will also provide practical tips and strategies for protecting combination-type AI and life sciences inventions in Japan. 

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