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IP Section CLE Webinars and Conferences Available On Demand or as Downloadable Podcasts*

Did you miss a live IP Section webinar or conference? Listen to recordings of past programs as streaming webinars or downloaded podcasts, and receive the materials and your CLE certificate of attendance. To see what’s available, click here and select Intellectual Property Law Section.

Recent Webinars:

I’m OK, You’re OK: Key GDPR Vendor and Contract Issues for U.S. Companies

Original Program Date: May 2, 2018

Presented by the Technology, Internet & Privacy Interest Group

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) that takes effect this month potentially applies to companies situated anywhere in the world–if they are processing EU personal data.

This new law will affect countless U.S. companies who will have to, among other things, review and update their underlying practices and contracts with 3rd party vendors, service providers, processors, and sub-processors to comply with the far-reaching new law—and avoid its potentially existential fines.

This webinar will explore how the GDPR, broadly-speaking, affects American companies that handle EU personal data and, specifically, how the law impacts vendor management and requires potentially significant updates of 3rd party contracts.

This one-hour webinar will address key GDPR and vendor-related areas, including:

  • Data breach notifications
  • Data security requirements + “appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data”
  • Record-keeping obligations
  • International data transfers
  • Accountability and selecting vendors
  • Negotiations, leverage, and data processing addenda
  • Data controller/processor instructions and scope
  • Terms for ensuring data processors’ assistance to the data controller in facilitating the rights of individuals

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Social Media Influencers and the FTC

Original Program Date: April 26, 2018

Presented by the Technology, Internet & Privacy Interest Group

The Federal Trade Commission is paying increased attention to social media influencer marketing. After a series of warnings, the FTC has begun enforcement actions against influencers and their advertisers. What do influencers need to do to avoid falling into the FTC’s crosshairs?

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Creating and Protecting a Trademark’s Value in the CPG Food and Beverage Space

Original Program Date: April 10, 2018

Presented by the Litigation Interest Group

Social media and digital marketing has changed the playbook for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to become successful and thrive. As counsel for these clients, you need to be dynamic and develop trademark strategies that not only addresses current, but also future, needs. This webinar will discuss various strategies to manage the obligations of this role, including: discussions to have with your client when creating their brand; developing a comprehensive trademark strategy; and effective use and monitoring of trademark and social media platforms.

Speakers: Allison Roseman Hagey, Rebecca Horton

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Best Practices for Workplace Investigations

Original Program Date: March 27, 2018

Presented by the In-House Counsel Interest Group

The recent wave of high-profile allegations stemming from the #metoo movement shows no sign of relenting, requiring employers to address their own internal policies related to workplace complaints. Just as important as developing anti-harassment and discrimination policies is establishing company procedures for investigating employee complaints. Promptly and effectively investigating and remediating employment claims is required of California employers and should mitigate potential damages. Join employment attorney and seasoned investigator Lisa Ryan in this one-hour webinar that will address best practices for workplace investigations, including WHEN to investigate, WHO should investigate and HOW to conduct and conclude an investigation.

Speaker: Lisa Ryan

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*Many recordings of webinars and conferences are available within a few weeks of when they were presented live. Not every program is available as a downloadable podcast. Some in-person programs are audio-video. Account registration and device with internet connection required.