California Lawyers Association

CLA Yoga Series: All-Level Yoga

This class has been designed to welcome beginners as well as experienced students of yoga. Gentle movements of the body with stretches and regulated breath-work will energize and relax the mind & body after the session. 

Law Practice Management and Technology

Free Webinar: Upgrading Your Practice by Using Deposition Transcript Software

Often deposition testimony is the chief way (and in private arbitration, sometimes there is no written discovery) to identify the issues, facts, documents, and witnesses. This webinar will focus on the use of deposition transcript software to streamline that process. This webinar will details the many advantages of using deposition transcript software. The tips provided will include a detailed discussion regarding the designation of transcripts for use at trial and using video deposition testimony.

New Lawyers

Webinar: Taking a Deposition: Law, Tactics, and Techniques

This webinar will provide new lawyers with an overview of the applicable rules and statutes governing depositions in California and will discuss tactics and techniques for taking a deposition. Whether you listen to this before your first deposition or after your fiftieth deposition, there is sure to be something for everyone. This presentation will also cover differences between taking a deposition in-person compared to a virtual deposition and techniques to effectively navigate those differences.

Trusts & Estates

Webinar: Trust Protectors: Guardians of the (Trust) Galaxy

Along with answering the question of "what is a trust protector?," this presentation will provide insight into common use cases for trust protectors, best practices when advising trust protectors, and potential liability of trust protectors.

California Lawyers Association

CLA Yoga Series: Creating calm, clarity, and confidence using Yoga’s Science of Mind

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and distraction. These are just a few of the ruinous enemies of peak productivity—and professional and personal success. Unfortunately, these internal saboteurs have become so commonplace that most of us accept them as a normal and necessary cost of doing business. But here’s what you need to know: they can be stopped in their tracks.

Family Law

Webinar: QDRO’s: Don’t Kick the Can Down the Road!

This presentation will begin with a brief overview of the QDRO process, and then continue with a discussion of the various ways family law attorneys can avoid problem arising from retirement plan divisions. Topics covered will include bifurcating marital status (including joinders and provisional QDROs), drafting MSAs and other written agreements to divide retirement plans, and the use of models provided by retirement plan administrators when drafting QDROs in-house. Materials will include sample language to help attorneys avoid the issues covered in the presentation. 

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