Family Law

Webinar Replay: Mitigate the Impact of Unconscious Biases

Bias resides in the 99+% of how we unconsciously process information in any given moment. Most of the time, it serves us very well. Understanding when it doesn’t is key to improving our decisions, relationships and organizations.

California Lawyers Association

Paycheck Protection Program Round 2: Update

In the most recent COVID-19 relief package, the U.S. Congress expanded and made changes to the paycheck protection program. Since the program was initially rolled out last year, the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department have provided additional guidance.

Labor and Employment Law | Privacy Law

2021 New Employment Law Practitioner

Employment Law 101, Fundamentals for the New Employment Practitioner, Jan 20-21, 2021

Solo & Small Firm

Webinar: Setting Boundaries: How to Improve Your Practice By Saying No

Setting boundaries can be particularly difficult for Solo and Small Firm practitioners who are always looking to expand their revenue base. But saying no and creating bright line rules for your practice and improve your work life balance, improve your top and bottom line, and ultimately help you gain more satisfaction from your business.

Privacy Law

Webinar: New Developments in California Privacy Law – Practical Implications of a Shifting Legal Landscape

California’s privacy landscape changed dramatically in 2020. CCPA went into effect, final CCPA regulations were issued after several rounds of changes, voters approved Proposition 24 (the California Privacy Rights Act) which overhauled the CCPA, and the Legislature passed meaningful amendments to the CCPA particularly in the area of health law.

California Lawyers Association

#CLAWellnessChallenge: Wellness Wednesday: Talk and Walk

Are you aware of how much we can benefit from the simple act of walking? It has been scientifically proven that walking can reduce anxiety, increase energy levels, and enhance creativity, just to name a few benefits. Learn more about the benefits of walking here.

California Lawyers Association

Webinar Replay: The Five Steps to Effective Online Negotiations

How you interact in negotiations has a direct and immediate impact on your results. Yet we tend to engage and make these decisions off-the-cuff. Don’t. Instead, take advantage of the experts’ proven research so you will use the most effective strategies and get your best deals.

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