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CLA Wellness Walking Challenge

Presented by the CLA Health and Wellness Committee Take the steps towards better health this summer through the CLA Wellness Walking Challenge! Studies have proven that there are many benefits…

California Lawyers Association

Judicial Diversity Yesterday: A Fireside Chat

In 2006, the first Judicial Diversity Summit was held to assess and increase the diversity of California’s bench. Fifteen years later, the Summit continues to provide opportunities to develop effective…

Real Property Law


Whether property is currently being used for cannabis purposes or in intended to be used for such purposes, and whether the property is for sale or lease, the unique nature of the cannabis industry means that lawyers will inevitably be called upon to consult on a plethora of legal issues.

Real Property Law

Webinar Replay: Navigating the Challenges and Problems Facing ADR

The panel will discuss and provide practical tips on cutting-edge issues facing attorneys, mediators, private judges and the Court. The discussion will include the ethical duties of court-connected mediators; confidentiality of mediation and proposed legislation to create exceptions to the Mediation Privilege; disclosure of conflicts of interest and the danger of the proceedings being voided; continuing jurisdiction for completion.

California Lawyers Association

Talk and Walk: Show and Tell

“Where are you?” This week we are going to walk and show our fellow walkers our walking spots. Are you near a beach, trees, a California landmark or just have a favorite spot to show us on your walk? Introduce yourself, tell us where you are from, and show us your view!

Business Law | Litigation

Webinar: Third Party Discovery: Procedural and Ethical Considerations

Judge Segal, former chief magistrate judge of the central district of California, will answer questions from moderator and audience regarding third party discovery. In particular, the discussion will focus on “custody, possession or control” and when documents are in the legal control of a party or in the custody of a third party; what type of relationship is necessary to show “legal control”; what a third party must do to object to discovery; what a party must do if he or she wants to object to third party discovery; and what are the court’s concerns when third party discovery is at issue. Judge Segal will also discuss enforcement of third-party discovery.

California Lawyers Association

Judicial Mentoring: Inside and Out

Want to know how you can get involved in a mentoring program to assist attorneys from diverse backgrounds to become judges? This session will provide an overview of judicial mentoring…

Workers' Compensation

Webinar: Expert Tips on Apportionment Part I

In this one hour program, the speakers will use examples from recent case law to explain the distinction between causation of injury which deals with AOE/COE and causation of disability which deals with rating of PD.

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