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We will look at criteria that is required to perform an Almaraz/Guzman analysis, and whether a failure to satisfy those criteria can be overcome. Various Almaraz/Guzman techniques will be examined, including criteria required for adding versus combining impairment ratings, and rating by analogy. Read more
DEU Rater Travis Tucker will cover Chapters 9 and 16 of the AMA Guides. Chapter 9 will cover impairments of the hematopoietic system including HIV, thrombotic disorders, anemia, and blood cell disease. Read more
This discussion will cover Chapters 10, 14 and 15 of the AMA Guides. Chapter 10 will focus primarily on diabetes mellitus while Chapter 14 will cover the Mental and Behavioral Disorders and the criteria for rating psychiatric disorders using the GAF scale. This presentation will address why there are two methods provided in Chapter 15 for rating spinal injuries, when to choose one or the other, and how each method operates. Read more
The SoCal Education Spring Conference is in Newport Beach on May 9, 2020. Join us! Read more
Join us on May 9 for the 2020 Spring Education Conference in Newport Beach. Read more
This webinar will address some of the most pressing issues raised by the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on workers’ compensation in the state of California. Read more
Join Disability Unit Manager Barry Knight as he discusses the mechanics of hearing impairment form AMA Guides Chapter 11 including facial cosmetic, mastication, speech, taste and smell.  Mr. Knight will also address visual acuity, visual field, and visual adjustments from chapter 12 and explain how those impairments are integrated into an overall visual system.   Read more
Join us for the 2020 Spring Education Conference in Walnut Creek on April 4th! We'll see you there. Read more
This presentation will discuss chapters 6, 7 & 8 of the AMA Guides: the Digestive System, Urinary & Reproductive System and Skin Disorders chapters. Read more
It’s Monday morning, you turn on your computer, and marvel at the infinite number of e-mails of which need responding. You scratch your head as you start the process of prioritizing what will get attention first. Suddenly, the phone rings and it’s your client. She says she just received a panel of chiropractic physicians requested by applicant’s counsel and does not understand why a chiropractor would be evaluating a right hand injury. Read more

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