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Mark your calendars for the 2020 Litigation and Appellate Summit on October 9, 2020 in San Francisco. Read more
How do arbitrators think? How can you make then think better of you and your case? Hear two experienced domestic and international arbitrators explain their thought processes, their expectations of counsel and the impressions they form about the case. Read more
This presentation reviews notable decisions and orders from California and Federal Appellate courts in 2019 concerning ethical issues in appellate practice. The topics covered include ethical pitfalls to avoid in appellate briefing, examples of what not to do during oral argument from an ethical and strategic standpoint, and a review of cases discussing civility in the legal profession more generally. Read more
Lawyers trade on brainpower for a living. The brain is a beautiful and only partially-understood organ; far more complex than most man-made machines. Machines, when they are free of defects and are properly serviced and maintained, are reliable in their efficiency and execution. The human brain is not. Each action or decision is comprised of conscious and unconscious processes that affect outcomes, and these processes are influenced by numerous factors. The purpose of this session is to introduce you to critical thought processes that affect key decisions in legal decision-making and equip you with the tools needed to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. Read more
Come learn about the important changes to Rule 1.15 of the Rules of Professional Conduct which have greatly expanded the obligations of attorneys to maintain advanced fees in trust and to account, report and pay out entrusted funds to third parties (not solely their clients). This program will cover the only carve out for the requirement for depositing advanced fees into a trust account for flat fees, and explain the difference between an hourly, flat fee or true retainer agreement. Read more
Explore ‘best practices’ of how ODR can be effectively deployed as an option to Face-to-Face interactions. Read more
An appellate justice shares his insights on the unique role of appellate advocates. The discussion will include practical tips on appellate techniques and how to work with the trial court record, which shapes appeals. Read more
Resolving conflict becomes faster and easier when dispute resolution professionals add visual communication to the process. That’s because humans are visually wired. So, when you bring visual language into the process, you amplify the effect of any intervention. Read more
When the result of a bench trial goes up on appeal, the factor most influential on the result is the statement of decision. A statement of decision can also have other important ramifications for the effect of a court decision on future proceedings between the parties, regardless of whether an appeal occurs. Read more
This presentation will discuss the dozen most common mistakes trial lawyers make that can hurt their chances on appeal, and how to avoid them. Read more

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