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In a world that believes “privacy is dead” and “data is the new oil,” privacy professionals are met with the tricky task of persuading cross-functional teams to seriously consider privacy-forward goals. Read more
The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) was enacted to address increasing concerns about the collection and sale of Californian residents’ personal information as online activities grew more frequent and more detailed.[ii] The CCPA provides data collection rights for California residents as well as regulations for certain businesses that sell personal information. However, the consequences under CCPA for third party analytic cookies was left open to interpretation. Read more
Many FinTech Companies’ missions are similar: democratize financial services , create an open financial system , and have every individual participate and thrive in the economy. Read more
The passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), its multiple amendments and revisions, and the recent support of a majority of California voters to pass Proposition 24, the California Privacy Rights Act, aimed at enhancing it, reflects how privacy issues occupy consumers’ attention and consequently, are on the radar of companies who collect information about California residents. Read more
The Pew Research Center survey on Americans and Privacy found most Americans have been asked to agree to a company’s privacy policy and that 22% always or often read the privacy notice, while another 38% sometimes read the notice. Read more
Most of us never would have imagined that there would come a day when we would flinch at the thought of touching a credit card machine or at the prospect of leaving the safety of our homes simply for groceries. Read more
The BLS’ Internet and Privacy Law Committee (“IPLC,” fka “Cyberspace Committee”) is pleased to announce that it has established a publishing partnership with Santa Clara University School of Law’s Privacy Law Initiative. Read more
Courtesy of CEB, we are bringing you selected legal developments in areas of California business law that are covered by CEB’s publications. This month’s feature is from the July 2020 update to Internet Law and Practice in California. References are to the book’s section numbers. The most significant legal developments since the last update include developments in such important topic areas as copyright, patent, domain names and trademark, independent contractor classification, social media, privacy, Internet advertising, and litigation issues. Read more
After California passed the landmark Consumer Privacy Act, tech executives began looking to Washington for a federal solution that might preempt the California law before it went into effect on January 1, 2020. Yet only recently have we seen any concerted push for action in Washington. Read more
The number of electronic device searches at U.S. ports of entry has increased significantly. Last year, Customs and Border Control (CBP) conducted more than 33,000 searches, almost four times the number from just three years prior. Read more

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