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Past Chairs of the Family Law Section

Tenure Chair Location
2017-2018 Avi Levy Santa Monica
2016-2017 David L. Lederman Antioch
2015-2016 Vanessa Kirker-Wright Santa Barbara
2014-2015 Raymond R. Goldstein Culver City
2013-2014 Andrew M. Cain San Jose
2012-2013 Mark Ressa San Ramon
2011-2012 Chris C. Melcher Woodland Hills
2010-2011 Sherry J. Peterson Dublin
2009-2010 John D. Hodson Vacaville
2008-2009 Jill Barr Sacramento
2007-2008 George N. Seide Encino
2006-2007 Mary C. Molinaro Sacramento
2005-2006 Peter M. Walzer Woodland Hills
2004-2005 Gregory W. Herring Ventura
2003-2004 Nancy Perkovich Sacramento
2002-2003 Diana L. Dorame Napa
2001-2002 Katherine T. Jensen San Juan Capistrano
2000-2001 Suzanne Harris Los Angeles
1999-2000 David A. Fink San Francisco
1998-1999 Robert C. Wood San Diego
1997-1998 Andrea L. Palash San Francisco
1996-1997 Camille H. Hemmer Sacramento
1995-1996 Susan S. Coats San Francisco
1994-1995 James A. Hennenhoefer Vista
1993-1994 Melissa R. Toben Deceased
1992-1993 Stephen J. Wagner Sacramento
1991-1992 John D. Rothschild Resigned
1990-1991 Adryenn Marie Cantor San Diego
1989-1990 Lowell H. Sucherman San Francisco
1988-1989 Lynne Yates-Carter San Jose
1987-1988 Margaret Anderson Santa Rosa
1986-1987 Ira H. Lurvey Deceased
1985-1986 Pamela E. Pierson San Francisco
1984-1985 Diana Richmond San Francisco
1983-1984 Connolly Oyler Santa Monica
1982-1983 Sandra Musser Inactive
1981-1982 Spencer Brandeis Deceased
1980-1981 Suzie S. Thorn San Francisco
1979-1980 Robin Fairbairn Deceased
1978-1979 Ruth Miller Rymer Inactive

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