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Reducing Land Use Conflicts Through Collaborative Easements

October 6, 2020


As land for new housing becomes scarce in many communities, developers push nearer to existing industrial, mining, rail and other non-residential uses, resulting in major battles over the development approvals. The collaborative use of simple easements can allow existing uses to be protected, new housing development to be approved, full disclosures to be made to buyers, and written rules of future engagement to be established. [1 Hour MCLE]

Workspace for Hire: Office Co-Working and Workspace as a Service Leasing Issues

October 13, 2020


The demand for co-working and flexible office space has increased dramatically and is expected to continue to grow. As a result, the volume of co-working and flexible office space lease transactions has increased exponentially. We will explore commercial leasing issues specific to negotiating these types of leases. While co-working and flexible office lease transactions have a lot in common with standard office leasing transactions, there are several specialized issues to address when negotiating these types of leases, including permitted use, licensing rights, tenant/guarantor structuring, maintenance and repairs, insurance, rights of first refusals, exclusivity rights, and more. We will explore these topics from the landlord and tenant perspective, as well as issues a company may want to consider when entering into a co-working or other flexible office arrangement. [1 Hour MCLE]

The Changing and Challenging World of Retail Leasing: The Doctor is in: Leasing to Medical Related Uses

October 20, 2020


Shopping center developers, owners and investors are increasingly diversifying the tenant mix of their properties to include medical-related uses. This seminar will focus on what is driving such changes as well as what obstacles and/or issues are presented by such uses, including implications of existing reciprocal easement agreements, use restrictions, land use constraints, lender controls and regulatory requirements. [1 Hour MCLE]

The Changing and Challenging World of Retail Leasing: Unique Issues in Grocery Store Leasing

October 27, 2020


Grocery stores are evolving at an ever more rapid pace. This workshop will offer an insider’s perspective on unique opportunities for the leasing lawyer working in this dynamic area AND will address such lease provisions as assignment and subletting, use and exclusive use clauses, and rights to reduce and expand store footprint in the lease documentation. [0.75 Hours MCLE]

The Changing and Challenging World of Retail Leasing: How do Landlords, Tenants and Mortgagees Interact During the Negotiations of Estoppels and SNDAs

November 3, 2020


This workshop will explore the perspectives of landlords, tenants and mortgagees in the processing of tenant estoppel certificates. We will also examine the interplay of the competing interests of each of these three parties in the context of negotiating SNDAs. This workshop will encourage participants to evaluate the confliction interests of the parties and discuss drafting compromises that work for everyone. [1 Hour MCLE]

The Changing and Challenging World of Retail Leasing: Unconscious Bias – How to Spot It and Become an Inclusive Leader

November 10, 2020


This panel will explore the role of unconscious bias in firm/company politics including profit-sharing and building teams for large scale projects. Topics of discussion will include how to effectively argue for diversity in leadership at your law firm/company, how to overcome bias to gain respect and effective management of professional and nonprofessional staff. Topics of discussion will include how to develop your own style, effective communication strategies and how to overcome bias to gain respect. [1 Hour MCLE; 1 Elimination of Bias]

When Adversaries Are Friends

November 17, 2020


The world grows increasingly adversarial, but what happens in real estate litigation when adversaries are friends? Attorneys David Fu, Rinat Erlich, and Jose Mendoza frequently oppose each other in the real estate broker litigation space, and will address the benefits and challenges when frequently in opposition, with the underlying conclusion that cases settle faster and with less expense when opponents cooperate. [1.25 Hours MCLE; 1.25 Ethics]

What Every Non-Leasing Lawyer Needs to Know About Commercial Leasing

November 24, 2020


This session will provide a comprehensive introduction to commercial real estate leasing to anyone who is new to the industry and for non-real estate attorneys who would like an introduction to leasing basics. We will review the main issues of the lease from a landlord and tenant perspective, with an emphasis on issue-spotting and negotiation strategies and will also point out issues which are specific to high tech office leasing which predominates the leasing market throughout California. [1 Hour MCLE]

New Ethics Rules

December 1, 2020


This panel will review the updates on California’s new ethics rules. [1.25 Hours MCLE; 1.25 Ethics]

Lets Talk About Diversity- What Does It Mean Anyway?

December 15, 2020


This panel will discuss the importance of diversity in the real property field and the ways for attorneys and others in the real property field to recognize and fight against their own internalized biases which may contribute towards systemic discrimination in the industry. The panel will discuss the importance of this issue, and provide concrete ways to make a difference and become both more diverse and inclusive in the real property field. [1.25 Hour MCLE; 1 Elimination of Bias]

Ethical Online Marketing for Lawyers During Stay at Home Orders and Beyond

December 22, 2020


Online marketing is critical for all attorneys, especially now, as we shelter at home, and the amount of time potential clients spend online increases exponentially. During the hour long webinar, we will discuss effective strategies for online business development and provide an understanding of best practices in social media and web-based marketing during COVID-19 and beyond. Kristen will also address the California Rules of Professional Conduct as they pertain to attorney advertising while exploring what make sense from a marketing perspective and what is legal from an ethics perspective. [0.75 Hour MCLE; 0.75 Ethics]

Conquering Chronic Disease & Preexisting Conditions in the Age of Covid-19; How Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Disease

December 29, 2020


My interest and motivation: Chronic disease devastated my family – My mother and her father died of a stroke in their 40’s! – My father: kidney and prostate cancer, on dialysis & miserable for the last 10 – 15 years of his life – My grandfather on my dad’s side had heart disease and diabetes; his physician recommended a leg be removed. What could I do, if anything, to avoid the health problems in my family? I went in search of answers to the Q! [1.5 Hours MCLE; 1.5 Competency Issues]

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