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A rundown of webinar replays offered by CLA and the CLA Sections

Join our webinar replay "Eliminating Gender Bias: Practical Strategies and Tips for International Business Lawyers." Read more
An appellate justice shares his insights on the unique role of appellate advocates. The discussion will include practical tips on appellate techniques and how to work with the trial court record, which shapes appeals. Read more
This panel will discuss various body-worn camera policies and their impacts on preparing officers for depositions and testimony. This will include handling conflicts between reports and video recordings and techniques to effectively prepare officers for depositions and other related testimony. Participants will learn strategies for officer preparation, confidence building, and anticipated cross-examination, keys to a successful defense. Read more
With sea level rise and the increased frequency of coastal flooding, threats to coastal residences, coastal infrastructure risks, beach erosion and beach loss, saltwater intrusion into coastal aquifers and compromised shoreline safety are increasingly apparent. This panel will cover threats to the coastline from climate change-induced sea level rise, mitigation efforts to address those impacts, financial challenges to mitigation and equity in mitigation conversations. Read more
In 2018 California made wide-sweeping changes to laws that govern police agency records – both personnel records and body camera footage. In this session, attorneys will unpack these changes and look at what impact the new laws have had on law enforcement agencies. Read more
Create more credible-looking briefs with insights and editing checklists from the California Reporter of Decisions and a senior appellate court attorney. Read more
Understanding procedural nuances and providing effective administrative advocacy can mean the difference in prevailing in administrative law cases. This program will provide insight on critical procedural and practice tips to avoid common and costly mistakes during the adjudicative hearing process. Read more
Don’t be caught by surprise! Have you had a case where you were certain you would have a “take nothing,” just to have the Board find you did not have substantial evidence? Worse yet, then you have to explain to your client why the Board is ordering additional medical reports. Read more
This program will focus on the ethical rules governing the conduct of criminal attorneys, both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and how to balance competing duties to clients, the criminal justice system, and the State Bar. Read more
In order to be an effective and ethical advocate for one’s client in the courtroom, an attorney should understand the basic rules of evidence and know how to use those rules to admit important pieces of evidence. In addition, the attorney should have a basic understanding of some of the ethical issues that arise during a trial. Read more

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