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A rundown of webinar replays offered by CLA and the CLA Sections

For lawyers and procurement professionals familiar with tech transactions looking to license AI/ML technologies on behalf of their clients, this presentation contains a brief introduction to AI/ML technologies, an exploration of special risks related to these technologies, commonly negotiated license provisions, and risk mitigation measures. Read more
The USPTO recently retired the "counts" system under which examiners operate to get their work out. In its place is a new hours-based system that dictates how much credit examiners get for each action they take. Read more
This presentation will provide an overview of the attorney-client privilege, particularly as it relates to the role of in-house counsel.   Read more
Join us at the intersection of IP and tattoos! Recent litigation has raised unique questions about how the law applies to body art—and has implications for broader and evolving topics such as copyright, fair use, licensing, and rights of publicity. Read more
The EU Digital Services Act is the EU’s most ambitious reform package for intermediary liability and obligations to date. Read more
The FTC’s crackdown on the use of non-compete agreements by employers and its recent proposed rule banning most non-compete agreement will have an impact on how companies protect their trade secrets. Read more
This webinar will cover relevant case and statutory law that is impacting parties in real estate sales transactions. Read more
There is a growing trend of employers adopting dog-friendly policies in the workplace. These companies argue that dogs in the workplace reduce stress and encourage positive social interaction among employees. Read more
All members of the California State Bar must heed the Rules of Professional Conduct as they represent clients through video conferences, Zoom depositions, online court hearings, and other remote means. Read more
This panel will evaluate the ethical rules that real property attorneys should consider in real estate transactions in which multiple parties all involved and the transactions are initially non-adversarial. Read more

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