View from the Incoming Chair


View from the Incoming Chair



As we continue to weather the pandemic, I am struck not only by how much friends and family have helped us all during this time but also how well our colleagues have supported one another.

By maintaining professionalism and respect for one another, we help each other get through what initially appeared to be an untenable position vis-à-vis handling cases in a pandemic. I’ve actually seen an increase from both sides in professionalism and respect as people have come together to get cases moving forward and maintain the integrity of our workers’ compensation community.

We’ve supported each other as dogs barked and babies cried in the background while we admitted we had just put on our "deposition shirt" for a Zoom appearance. We laughed and virtually hugged each other through it all—a true collegial atmosphere that I hope continues as we move forward.

I’d now like to take an opportunity to tell you a bit about the California Lawyers Association Workers’ Compensation Executive Committee. We come together as defense attorneys, applicant attorneys, and current and retired judges with a shared passion for improving and honoring our system and lauding those who practice in this area of law. We recently had our Long Range Planning (LRP) meeting, and there was a very strong and shared sentiment: what we do matters! Our work has a huge impact on the daily lives of so very many people and is not to be taken lightly. I’ll say it again: what this community does matters and our committee strives to embrace that sentiment.

We now have ten subcommittees: Community Outreach, Education, Publications, Legislation, Unpublished Cases, Technology and Social Media, Membership, Practice and Ethics, Awards and Recognition, and our newest, Diversity. The Diversity Committee will function as its own subcommittee while also interacting with all of the other subcommittees on diversity goals. At LRP, our committee members join one or more subcommittees and commit to working on behalf of their chosen subcommittees throughout the next year.

To accomplish our goals, the Executive Committee has several in-person and telephone meetings each year, some of which occur when we host conferences and programs. In addition to the various activities of our subcommittees, we have ongoing educational programs that are presented in person, as well as others via webinar. Many of our programs are available for viewing at subsequent dates as announced online. You can find those at As always, we encourage you to check out the website and the e-news, as they provide updates for these events and other activities, including the Annual Conference.

One of the things our committee is proudest of is the Workers’ Compensation Quarterly. I encourage you to submit articles that are meaningful to you and that you think will benefit our community. I hope you’ll see the passion and commitment of our authors and are inspired to channel those qualities into your own work.

As my predecessor, Jack Goodchild, has stated, we are your committee. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know if you are interested in participating in any of our activities or even in joining the committee. We are committed to always looking for diversity in our speakers, authors, and members.

And finally, a hearty thank-you to all of our community for all that you do!

Ms. Boyland is Chair of CLA’s Workers’ Compensation Executive Committee. She is a certified specialist in workers’ compensation law and a partner at Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP. Ms. Boyland received her undergraduate degree and Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri.

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