Solo and Small Firm

The Practitioner Winter 2014, Volume 20, Issue 1

Dear Senior Practitioner


Iwas appointed to serve on a board, exclusively comprised of very senior attorneys. The president of the board asked for feedback on a document which the organization was due to send to its members. I diligently provided my feedback via e-mail, only to find out that the president ignored each of my suggestions, and turned around to solicit additional feedback. I will not share the details, but I know he receive my e-mail, but chose to ignore it.

I spoke to several board colleagues who chalked up his non-responsiveness to, "Well, that’s Brian being Brian!" When another one of my colleagues who I am serving on the board with provided feedback to the president, he made an inappropriate comment to her, indicating that the time for feedback had lapsed, and dismissed her concern. My question is – how can I provide feedback to a senior attorney, assert myself as a newer member, without ruffling his feathers?


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