Letter From the Editor


Letter From the Editor

By Henry S. David

Henry S. David is the proprietor of The David Firm®, which he founded after 33 years in Big Law. He is a commercial litigator, with a focus on creditors’ rights.

Dear Section Members:

This Big News for Solo and Small firms is truly big news, as it coincides with the State Bar’s Annual Meeting. I hope you find this Issue interesting.

As usual for the Annual Meeting issue, we have a "local flavor" contribution, in which new contributor, Ben Aguilar, gives us so many great suggestions of restaurants to visit that we will have to make a return trip to San Diego.

"Practical Advice for Getting Results in Business Mediation," by Rande S. Sotomayor, is an introduction for some of the basics for mediation. Rande is a new contributor. And, I want to give you a sneak peak into two upcoming articles that will really get you thinking—including about whether you should advise your client to mediate at all and if so, whether to use a "team mediation" approach: "Protecting Your Clients From Lies at Mediation," by Stephen H. Marcus and "Rewriting Your Happily-Ever-After Through Divorce Mediation," by Lani L. Baron

We also have a couple of criminal law articles. Eric Ganci, another new contributor, educates us about "Recent Developments in Criminal Law and Procedure," in an article that is easy and fun to read, and lets those of us who are civil practitioners know that the criminal law is a very fast paced practice.

Sarah Avary (yes, another new contributor) teaches us "How to Utilize Motions to Improve Your Practice." Although Sarah’s practice and article focus on criminal law, her suggestions certainly can be applied to those of us with a civil practice. (By now, you should be sensing a theme here; I hope you will be a "new contributor" in one of our future Issues.)

Megan Zavieh, a returning contributor and a member of the Executive Committee, provides us an eye-opening and thought-provoking discussion the "Ethics and Technology For the Solo Lawyer."

I hope you have much time reading these articles as I did. See you in San Diego.

Henry S. David

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