Business Law

Business Law News 2014, Issue 2

BLN Editorial Board: Message from the Editor

Robert Brayer

Welcome, Business Law News readers. You have no doubt already noticed that the publication in your hands looks radically different than the BLN with which you are familiar. Indeed, BLN has not changed even a single detail of its design and layout since 2001 – when the use of glossy paper commenced. Prior to 2001, there was only one other change to BLN’s design and layout: a minor font change in the early 1990s. Amazingly, the general layout and design of the publication has been in place since 1983 – over thirty years ago. We are thrilled to usher BLN’s design and layout into the twenty-first century. We believe that the changes will greatly increase both BLN’s aesthetic appeal and, most important, its readability.

Modernizing BLN’s look required the hard work of a number of people that deserve recognition. The design was created by BLN’s production coordinator, Megan Lynch, with her team at Sublime Designs Media, including Candice Beckmann. Additionally, a design subcommittee of the BLN Board was formed, which was instrumental in making the decisions which directly led to the final version of the design. That subcommittee included BLN editors Robert Braun, Vice-Chair Coleman Cannon, and Everett Green. I want to thank both them and our entire team for their dedication and commitment. Without their efforts, our new design simply would not have been possible.

Rest assured that, while our look has changed, our content remains as timely and informative as ever. Issue 2 commences with Neil Rubenstein’s direct response to an article in our 2013 Issue 4 by Harry Sigman on the issue of individual debtor names in California UCC financing. Mr. Sigman provides a rebuttal immediately thereafter. I have been told that there may have been some confusion regarding the views of Business Law News and the State Bar, so I wish to be absolutely clear: The opinions of Mr. Rubenstein and Mr. Sigman are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Business Law News, its editorial board, the Business Law Section of the State Bar of California, or the State Bar of California. Further, we are publishing Mr. Sigman’s rebuttal to Mr. Rubenstein’s article as part of Business Law News’ normal procedure that provides original authors a chance to briefly rebut assertions made in an opposing article. Here, we took the unusual step of offering Mr. Rubenstein an opportunity to prepare a surreply. Mr. Rubenstein declined.

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