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Trademark Usage Guidelines

Adopted by Board Policy Committee – 7-18-18


The California Lawyers Association (“CLA”)’s trademarks are valuable assets belonging to CLA. CLA’s policy, and duty, is to secure, preserve, and protect its trademark rights, and to ensure that CLA’s activities do not infringe on the trademarks or intellectual property rights of others.


CLA owns various trademarks. The most important trademarks owned by CLA are its name (“California Lawyers Association” and “CLA”), the names of each of its Sections (the “Primary Word Marks”) and CLA’s official logo and the logos of each of its Sections (the “Primary Logos”) (the Primary Word Marks, the Primary Logos, and all other CLA marks referred to collectively as the “CLA Marks”).

Usage Guidelines

Our business partners, program sponsors, and advertisers have a limited license to use the Primary Word marks, subject to the following guidelines. No CLA logo may be used except with the express written permission of the CLA. If permission to use a logo is granted, CLA will provide you with the artwork to use in reproducing the allowed mark and you agree to use only the artwork provided and not alter or modify it in any manner.

Trademark Notices

The CLA Marks should be accompanied by the appropriate trademark notice (“TM” for unregistered or state registered trademarks, and “®” for federally registered trademarks, as applicable). The trademark notice must generally appear in the upper right-hand corner of the trademark in superscript format (e.g. TM). No Changes Do not alter the CLA Marks in any manner, including proportions, colors, elements, type, or in any other respect. Do not combine the CLA Marks with your marks or any other marks. Do not animate, morph, or otherwise distort perspective or dimensional appearance of the marks. If CLA provides artwork that contains the ® or TM symbol, do not delete that symbol from the artwork.

Make the Source Clear

When third parties use the CLA Marks, they must do so in a manner that does not create potential confusion over the source of any products or services. Third parties should never be given the impression that CLA is the source of a third party educational program, publication, or services. To that end, the third-party name must always be more prominent than the CLA Mark.

Ownership Rights

Nothing herein shall give to licensee any right, title, or interest in any of the CLA Marks. You agree that the CLA Marks are solely owned by CLA and that any and all uses of these marks, and all goodwill derived therefrom, shall inure solely to the benefit of CLA. You agree not to do anything that might harm the reputation of CLA or any of the CLA Marks, or to take any action inconsistent with CLA’s ownership of these marks. You further agree that you will not attempt to register any of the CLA Marks or any trademark or logo substantially similar thereto.

Impermissible Uses

Do not use the CLA Marks in advertising that is false or misleading in any way. Do not use the marks in any manner that would constitute a violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative regulation. Do not use the marks on or in connection with, in CLA’s sole discretion, any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort. Do not use the CLA Marks to disparage CLA, its products or services, or in a manner that in CLA’s sole judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage CLA’s reputation or the goodwill of its marks. Quality Control & Review Process Upon CLA’s request, you agree to submit samples of any and all marketing and advertising materials bearing any of the CLA Marks for CLA’s review and approval. CLA shall have the right to make reasonable objections to any such sample within a reasonable amount of time of its receipt thereof. In the event of such an objection, you shall modify the materials consistent with CLA’s standards. Prohibited Uses CLA trademarks may not be used in manner that may or does impugn the validity of the trademark, or that impugns the reputation, character, or goodwill of CLA, a Section or a CLA-affiliated group, or any of its or their products and services.

Reservation of Rights

CLA reserves the right to revoke or terminate permission to use its trademarks for violation of this policy.

Reporting Trademark Infringement Claims

Please notify CLA immediately if you receive notice from a third party of a trademark infringement claim; if you become aware that CLA trademarks are being used in a manner inconsistent with this policy or CLA’s legal rights; or if you suspect trademark violation.

Retention Of Trademark Permissions/Licenses

All original signed copyright or trademark permission agreements and licenses must be promptly forwarded to CLA. (Note: only certain CLA personnel are authorized to sign agreements on behalf of CLA.)

Questions and Comments

Questions regarding these Trademark Usage Guidelines should be directed to CLA.

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