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2021 Appointments Process for ABA House of Delegates: CA Young Lawyer Delegate and Alternate

The California Lawyers Association is soliciting applications to fill the California Young Lawyer Delegate seat at the ABA House of Delegates in addition to the California Young Lawyer Alternate Delegate.  Once appointed, the delegate will step into a 2 year term that began at the conclusion of ABA Annual Meeting 2021 and will conclude at the conclusion of ABA Annual Meeting 2023. The House of Delegates is the policy-making body of the ABA.  Members serve up to three two-year terms and no person may serve as a delegate for more than six consecutive years.  In order to apply for this position, the applicant must have been admitted to practice in his or her first bar within the past five years or must be less than 36 years old at the beginning of the term or meet the state’s definition of a young lawyer (i.e., first 7 years of practice).   

The President of the California Lawyers Association shall review applications in nominating the delegates and alternates, the President shall consult with the Chair of the Board of Representatives, the C.E.O., Associate Executive Director, Initiatives and External Relations, the Delegate for California to the American Bar House of Delegates and as appropriate the Vice-President and the Chair of the California Young Lawyers Association. 

The goal of this process is to select delegates and alternates from diverse backgrounds, firms, geographic areas, and practice areas so that the delegates and alternates will be reflective of the membership of the California Lawyers Association.  Prior leadership experience in the California Lawyers Association (or as appropriate the California Young Lawyers Association) and/or the American Bar Association is required .  Prior experience in the American Bar Association House of Delegates is helpful, though not required.   Membership in the California Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association is required.  

If you are interested in being selected to be the California Young Lawyer Delegate, or the Alternate, please send via email:

  • A cover letter which includes:
    • An explanation of why you want to serve as a delegate or an alternate and can effectively represent the California Lawyers Association in the House; 
    • Your basic demographic information; and
    • Your American Bar Association membership number. 
  • A resume highlighting your experience with the California Lawyers Association (or as appropriate the California Young Lawyers Association) and/or the American Bar Association, and 
  • Up to three letters of recommendation‚ÄĒof which one must be from a member of the American Bar Association, to:

Lauren Oakley, Initiatives Manager
California Lawyers Association
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 650
Sacramento, California 95814

Travel to House of Delegates meetings is required for this position.   Delegates receive reimbursement for expenses up to $1500.00 to cover travel expenses and the cost to register for ABA meetings.

Applications shall be emailed, no later than December 1, 2021.  

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