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1 Hour MCLE; 1 Legal Ethics The Britney Spears saga contained a bunch of ethics issues. Was the matter “Toxic” for lawyers?Maybe not, but it certainly was a “Circus”. Hearing this program once might not be enough - you may ask the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher to “hit you one more time.” Come explore the attorney ethics issues in the Britney Spears conservatorship matter.  Topics include: Confidentiality,   Trial Publicity. Rule 3.6 Clients with Diminished Capacity, Rule 1.14 Register Here… Read more
Within the relevant historical context, tribal courts in the state will be discussed generally as well as through case studies from California’s northern, central, and southern regions. The presentation will also highlight the ways in which California law, federal Indian law, and tribal law intersect before tribal courts in the state. Registration will support a summer fellowship opportunity for a tribal law student in California in 2024. Read more
Please join CLA Cannabis Industry Practitioners Group lawyers Jason Rosell and Kresimir Peharda, along with Scott Yahraus, and Jano Dekermenjian from the Office of California State Senator Toni Atkins, for a webinar on Thursday, April 20th at 12 p.m. (PT) to discuss the distressed cannabis market in California and the legal, regulatory, and policy landscapes surrounding this largest cannabis market in the world. Read more
The Legal Accountability Project (LAP) is a non-profit dedicated to increasing judicial accountability to ensure positive clerkship experiences nation wide. LAP is quantifying the scope of harassment, discrimination and diversity issues in the courts, and using research to craft effective solutions. Read more
Join us April 19 in Sacramento for Legislative Day Read more
Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and distraction. These are just a few of the ruinous enemies of peak productivity—and professional and personal success. Unfortunately, these internal saboteurs have become so commonplace that most of us accept them as a normal and necessary cost of doing business. But here’s what you need to know: they can be stopped in their tracks. Read more
This class has been designed to welcome beginners as well as experienced students of yoga. Gentle movements of the body with stretches and regulated breath-work will energize and relax the mind & body after the session.  Read more
This training explores some of the more common, repeating examples of prosecutorial error that occur in California felony jury trials. Specific case examples illustrate best practices to avoid these errors and address the intersection with instructional error and ineffective assistance of counsel. The goal is to develop a broader understanding of how to approach related issues during trial.   Read more
This vinyasa (flow) style asana practice leans toward strength and active mobility involving shorter posture holds and dynamic transitions at a challenging pace. This class is like lifting weights, stretching, and meditating all at the same time. Read more
As we embark on our virtual yoga series, join yoga instructors and legal practitioners for a conversation about why yoga is a valuable component of your wellness toolkit. We will begin with a brief breathing exercise followed by discussion of the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of a yoga practice including connections to ethics and recovery from challenges like cancer and physical injuries. Read more

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