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Stuart Teicher, Esq. (the CLE Performer) started a google search recently with the words “Can lawyers…” He was shocked at the phrases that were auto populated by the search engine. And he got to wondering…can lawyers actually do all of those things? Join him as he explores the propriety of lawyer behavior as recommended by the recommendations of the search engine. This is a program about professionalism. Read more
In its 36th year, a Week in Legal London is pleased to continue the tradition of providing exciting new opportunities for interaction with UK colleagues at exceptional legal and historic destinations. Because of the special relationships we have formed over many years, this is an exclusive experience to visit places the public does not have access. Read more
Legislative Day returns for its sixth consecutive year! Save the date for April 3, 2024. Read more
Tax law is a highly specialized field affecting numerous areas of the legal profession. From bankruptcy to real estate, employee benefits to tax litigation, CLA’s Tax Section members have dedicated themselves to serving a diverse array of clients. This also means they oftentimes work with lawyers in other legal realms. Read more
Whether you are attending an event or serving as a presenter at a function, the activities held or hosted by the California Lawyers Association are designed with you in mind. You may be present to learn, but there is always an opportunity for you to support your colleagues, whether you realize it or not. Read more
California Lawyers Association’s Environmental, Social and Governance Interest Group released two new episodes of our ESG-in-Law video series. The episodes featured discussions with Nicole DeNamur and Bruno Camargo. They both cover issues related to human rights in global supply chains.  Read more
A sound mind is one of the most important tools an attorney has, which is required to properly advocate for clients, manage large workloads, and handle multiple deadlines.  Read more
Malpractice claims are most often made against solo practitioners and small firms, comprised of two to five attorneys, many of whom do not carry malpractice insurance. In 2019, the State Bar of California (State Bar) reported[1] that 39% of solo attorneys—an estimated 13,000 solo attorneys—and 12% of small firms surveyed did not have malpractice insurance. In the same year, the American Bar Association's (ABA) Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims Report[2] found that these two segments have the most malpractice claims (32% and 30%, respectively). So why would the firms most at risk of claims not have insurance? Read more
In the global legal arena, the symbolic kickoff of the legal year serves as a platform for legal professionals to gather, reflect, and discuss pivotal issues shaping the future of the legal profession.  Read more
Why do we have so many cat sayings; what do they mean; and do they really teach anything about attorney ethics? Stuart Teicher, the CLE Performer (and certified cat lover) will explain it all. Join him as he talks about the origins of cat sayings and explains the ethics lessons provided by each. Sayings (and topics) include: -Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it could save a lawyer when advising, Rule 2.1 -Letting the ethical cat out of the bag and confidentiality, Rule 1.6 -Cat's got your tongue? The lawyer's need to communicate, Rule 1.4. Read more

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