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    1. Has the Court requested the views of this Section? YesNo

    2. How many issues are raised on this appeal?

    3. On how many of the issues on appeal do you request Amicus commentary?

    4. Using no more than one page for each issue, briefly state the issues on which Amicus commentary is requested. For each such issue state:

        a. Whether the issues raised directly affect the Section’s activities, and if so, how;

        b. How the views of this Section can make a material contribution to the court’s understanding of the issues on appeal (state whether this Section has expertise or specialized knowledge with regard to the issues on appeal); and

        c. How the issue(s) on appeal are of substantial importance to the trust & estates community at large, specifically with regard to:

             i. The practice of law in trusts & estates;
             ii. The legal profession in the field of trusts & estates; or
             iii. The administration of justice in the field of trusts & estates

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    5. Is any member of TEXCOM, a party or counsel of record in this matter, or are you aware of any member of TEXCOM having a material interest in this matter?

    6. Please attach the brief filed on Appeal.

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