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Due to the COVID-19 risk in our jails and prisons, every effort should be made to avoid incarceration and, for those in prison, get released. Here are some strategies that attorneys can use to help clients avoid, or at least delay, custody during the pandemic. Read more
U.S. District Judges Frederic Block of the Eastern District of New York and Charles R. Breyer of the Northern District of California in San Francisco are legendary sentencing judges. Read more
“What is best for the victim?” asked U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill. “What is best for the community? What is best for the defendant?” Read more
What can you do if faced with the government argument that a lesser sentence for your client would depreciate the seriousness of the offense and promote disrespect for the law? As one judge once told me, “Tell me something that your client did when no one was keeping score.” Read more
This program will focus on the ethical rules governing the conduct of criminal attorneys, both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and how to balance competing duties to clients, the criminal justice system, and the State Bar. Read more
In order to be an effective and ethical advocate for one’s client in the courtroom, an attorney should understand the basic rules of evidence and know how to use those rules to admit important pieces of evidence. In addition, the attorney should have a basic understanding of some of the ethical issues that arise during a trial. Read more
More than one judge I’ve interviewed for this series has told me that they expect lawyers to be succinct; tell them what they don’t already know; be candid about the client’s crime and its impact; and bear in mind that your job in sentencing representation is to connect with the judge, not to impress your client and their friends and family. Read more
This webinar will discuss the current state of the law concerning the Batson/Wheeler line of cases. The presenters will address who makes up protected classes, how and when to make objections alleging discrimination, how to defend against those objections, and what is the process for determining whether jurors have been excused for discriminatory reasons. Read more
This webinar will go over an analysis of the ethical issues resulting from the criminal discovery statutes and case law mandating discovery. These issues will include those faced by both prosecutors and defense counsel, and will be discussed from the perspective of a Superior Court Judge and practicing attorneys. Read more
This program offers 1 MCLE credit; 1 Legal Specialization in Criminal Law. You must register in advance to participate. As always, a new year brings changes to criminal law. You will hear about the major changes in criminal defense law that took effect 1/1/2020 from both the prosecution and defense viewpoints. Speakers: Albert Camacho, Leif Dautch. Read more

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