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Are you a licensed attorney in California looking to level up your professional career and the impact attorneys have in California? We got YOU!

It’s time to sign up and enjoy the extensive benefits California Lawyers Association (CLA) has to offer.

Steps to Renew

The 2024 renewal period will begin in December 2023. Please review the information below to help prepare you for the renewal season ahead.

California Licensed Attorneys

Renew your CLA membership when you log into your State Bar Profile to pay your Annual State Bar fees.

  1. Access and log in to your State Bar profile by clicking here.
  2. Scroll down to “State Bar Fees,” and then click on “Calculate and pay my 2024 fees.”
  3. When you reach part “4. Sections,” also titled “California Lawyers Association”, confirm the CLA Membership box is selected. This will be the Introductory Plan option.
  4. To add Section(s), check your desired Section(s). 
    Additional Sections are $40 each. Membership to CLA is required to join Sections. The list of Sections will only be accessible after you check the Membership box.
Screenshot of form fields of CLA Sections to join California State Bar

Out-of-state Attorneys, Non-attorney Legal Professionals, and Affiliates

If you are not licensed to practice in California, you will be able to renew your membership directly with CLA. We will reach out to you with more details in January 2024.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Does your law firm pay for your CLA membership?

If your firm does not pay for your CLA membership, please wait until your firm has paid your Annual State Bar fees, then return to your My State Bar Profile to renew.

Coming in 2024

Don’t miss out on the great things coming up for CLA in 2024!

Annual Meeting

Join legal professionals from across California for 3 days of learning, earning MCLEs, networking, mixers, and much more at CLA’s Annual Meeting.


CLA’s prestigious black-tie Gala brings together lawyers, judges, and other professionals in the legal community for a night of dining, dancing, and to recognize the best in the legal profession.

CLA Team

At CLA, our entire team is dedicated to serving our members. Our commitment to providing the best member experience is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental part of our mission.

CLA’s Incredible Benefits

Your membership connects you to knowledge, resources, savings, and opportunities to help you grow your career. Keep enjoying these unique benefits with your CLA membership.

  • MCLE Content:
    • Live webinars
    • On-demand videos
    • Downloadable podcasts
    • Self-study articles
  • Unique and Exclusive:
    • Advocacy
    • Initiatives
    • CLA-wide committees
    • Career Center
    • Knowledge Hub
    • Section-specific benefits
  • Cost Savings:
    • 18 hours of free MCLE
    • 25% off entire MCLE catalog
    • Discounts to networking events and conferences
    • 10% off CEB books, onLAW titles, and libraries
    • Discounted products and services with CalBar Connect
    • Fastcase Legal Research (valued at $995/year)
  • News:
    • CLA practice area-specific print publications and journals
    • Print publications from selected Section(s)
    • Case alerts from selected Section(s)
    • eNews
  • Networking Events:
    • Conferences
    • Annual Meeting
    • Annual Gala
    • Local Mixers

Maximize Your Membership

CLA members enjoy discounted offers on law services, home appliances, car rentals, and more through our partnership with CalBar Connect.

Experience the Power of Community

As the largest, established network for California attorneys, CLA provides a variety of opportunities for you to make meaningful connections and to increase your visibility.

Local Mixers

Expand your circle and mingle with like-minded professionals in your local legal community.


Learn, network, and exchange best practices with other legal professionals at CLA conferences.


Connect with other CLA members, ask questions, offer ideas, and comment on the latest developments in the legal world.

Get (or Stay) Involved

Leverage your expertise and share your knowledge to help CLA members advance their professional career.


Share your knowledge and experience to help shape future productive and confident leaders in the legal profession.


Help advance the mission and work of the association by volunteering on committees, becoming an advocate, participating in pro bono opportunities, and much more.


Increase your visibility through the legal profession and CLA membership by sharing your knowledge, insights, and experience at CLA in-person events or webinars.


Become a thought leader by writing insightful articles in your practice area for the legal profession.


Contribute to the professional development of fellow and new attorneys, students, and others in the legal profession.


Develop your leadership skills with executive committee appointments and various interest groups.

Keep the Good Times Rolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the renewal fee?

The renewal fee starts at $110 depending on the membership plan.

Do I have to renew? I thought I already did.

If you joined on or before September 30, 2023, you need to renew for 2024.

If you joined on or after October 1, 2023, your membership is valid through 2024.

Can I renew my membership online?

If you are not licensed to practice in California, you will be able to renew your membership directly with CLA. We will reach out to you with more details in January 2024.. Please contact if you have any questions.

Instead of paying online, can I pay by check?
Are you an All-Access Member? Renew Directly With CLA
My firm is paying for my State Bar annual fees. When can I pay for my CLA section membership?
I’m a law student. Can I join or renew?

A new form must be submitted each year. You can select different Sections for each year you are in law school.

I need financial assistance with my dues. Are there any options for me?