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Marie Wood

By Marie Wood

I will start by saying that I am by no means a fitness expert. I am, however, a member of the Real Property Law Section’s newly formed Health & Wellness Committee where we pride ourselves in offering suggestions that could benefit the physical and mental health of all RPLS members. So, what does a “folding” or “foldable” bike have to do with this? Well, exercise. Sunshine. Laughter. And so much more.

I purchased my foldable bike for many reasons. One, I could only fit my kids’ bikes in my SUV, which left me walking next to my seven-year-old who has yet to understand the concept of breaking distance and my four-year old son who is somewhat of a daredevil. Two, there was a shortage of non-folding or “regular” bikes due to the Pandemic (is a shortage of bikes even possible?). Three, I simply needed more exercise and sunshine, aka Vitamin D.

If you are not familiar with a foldable bike, it is just what it sounds like: a bike that you fold so that it fits in your sedan or, in my situation, an SUV packed with my kids’ bikes, toys, backpacks, books, snacks, etc., etc., etc. (parents – you know what this is like, right?) My bike came with its own tote bag, but I admit that I have never tried to fit my bike inside the bag.  

Learning to fold the bike was a bit challenging although it came with step-by-step instructions. Once I learned to fold the bike, I was able to load it into my SUV and take it for a test drive at Miramar Lake in San Diego. My kids and I loved the five-mile ride, the view of the lake, the sunshine and the overall comradery with other riders some of whom also happen to be riding foldable bikes. Miramar Lake has been our go-to place for a few months (following all Covid-19 precautions, of course).

I have had my foldable bike for many months now and I am quite happy with my purchase. My kids and I ride our bikes at least one a week and we get to spend quality time that helps us maintain our physical and mental health. If you have limited space in your car or home, a foldable bike may be your answer to your fitness goals. Has it helped my fitness goals? Absolutely!

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